The Day After ‘America’: Trump’s FBI Raid Talking Point Substitutions

Any rational thinking American knew in their gut that the possibility was high this day would come. Knowing it was likely and coping with the reality of what Rubicon the Republic has now crossed – requires one to weather the soul-sucking gale winds of disillusionment.

According to the New York Times:

The search, according to two people familiar with the investigation, appeared to be focused on material that Mr. Trump had brought with him to Mar-a-Lago, his private club, and residence, after he left the White House. Those boxes contained many pages of classified documents, according to a person familiar with their contents.

Mr. Trump delayed returning 15 boxes of material requested by officials with the National Archives for many months, only doing so when there became a threat of action being taken to retrieve them.

If the New York Times is to be believed, Trump’s purported crime – the delay of returning materials – could have been resolved through lawyers and transfers, and any other manner not involving a pre-dawn raid pretending Trump is some cartel kingpin!

The statement by President Trump is below:


As the song goes – ” The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow.”

True enough – the sunshine will stream in and across many breakfast tables across our nation on Tuesday. Many Americans  over coffee will read and hear the various talking points on the issue:

  • Every modern-day former president has been in possession of “White House Administration Files” in their private residence after departing office and negotiations with the National Archives are standard, including Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr. Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama. There has never been any effort to criminalize in the past.
  • A sitting president can declassify any document.
  • Two-tiered justice system: an excessive number of Cabinet members, Directors of federal Agencies, and administration staff have been identified for inappropriately possessing classified information yet never intervened upon by the FBI. The list is long but includes Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Sandy Berger to name just a few.
  • The same FBI that was front and center in an attempted political coup trying to frame and destroy Trump in the Russian Collusion hoax complete with falsifying information to a judge to obtain warrants -is at the helm of this latest coup attempt.
  • This is prosecutorial misconduct and a political prosecution of the opposition.
  • America is now a banana republic, and the FBI has become Biden’s/Democrat’s/Deep State Praetorian Guard in this new Kleptocracy.
  • A Rubicon has been crossed and there is no going back now.
  • This begins the New Civil War.

So what is it I wish to add to the shiny AM chorus?

There is no sun in my world today. I have not one ” Buck Up Buttercup” thing to offer. Many mornings over the last six years I have been the optimist, the true believer, the steadfast loyalist to one true north.

That true north being my countrymen were worthy of freedom and would defend and fight for their liberties.

I am ashamed to be an American today…devastatingly and utterly gutted and ashamed.

I have begun to loathe many of my fellow Americans’ apathy, fear, paralysis, weakness, and above all hubris. I made excuses for my brethren many times, each time they allowed the Uni Party to obfuscate and implement policy that destroyed mine and their grandchildren’s futures all while voting for the corrupted bums again.

I stuffed down my rage as two impeachments were staged like blockbuster television miniseries. Oh how I doubled down on my efforts to wake up the walking submissives and encouraged their enlightenment for a unified victory over the swamp engulfing our lives. Then came the Covid mandates, censorship, and vaccine disinformation campaigns, and I could not keep up with the number of lemmings jumping into their handcuffs and in some cases- sadly and often, unnecessarily – coffins.

Finally, I witnessed far too many of my daft compadres totally buy into the Jan 6 was our Pearl Harbor narrative and stepped up to have the White Supremacist light blink over their heads in a mass formation psychosis of virtue signaling. Culminating in relative calm and cooperating silence while they stole a presidential election.

Always chirping ” what am I suppose to do , I am only one person?” Something you will never hear a Cultural Marxist say.

It has been an exhaustive journey. The child must take initiative at some point to carry their own load and seek out the knowledge needed to survive. No longer the incessant excuses for inaction in the public square to lawfully redress your government. I cry Uncle! The majority of Americans do not give a damn!

But President Trump, his family, and those who sacrificed to serve the mission do give a damn about you and our country. And for this burden and selflessness they are being ripped apart  and devoured like Christians to the lions. Forgive me, but I honestly do feel the vibrations of what feels like a low celebratory hum in the Colosseum from the red hat cheerleaders of old. What else can explain why I do not see millions on the screen peacefully demanding that this stops now? This twisted TDS vile blood feud is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated by the majority of the country.

The Constitutional Republic of the United States does not condone public or private Crucifixion orgies! But by all signs, the Republic has ended. You best start toughening up your palms and feet fellow travelers as the possessed know no end to the building of wooden crosses.

Well , I’ve waded this far in that I might as well get my hair wet.

Here are my Tuesday morning talking point substitutions:

  • They created the Jan 6 committee as a political arm to feed a corrupt DOJ at the behest of entities beyond our shores.
  • The Great Reset Globalists are playing for keeps.
  • Any citizen, or movement of citizens, who believe they give consent to be governed and can choose through voting their representation will not be allowed to flourish. You, are a direct threat and impediment to their agenda and they will stop you if they are not stopped first.
  • Trump will not be allowed to obtain any office in the land. Doing so would mean the 2020 election fraud would be completely exposed, Covid lies would be exposed, and all the treasonous players in the political coup against him and the decades long shake down of our Republic from within would be exposed.
  • Everything your ancestors built and fought for, everything you built and fought for, is being annihilated now, and you will live in the world they build, and force upon you.
  • The FBI did not raid Mar-a Lago to secure records that the National Archives claim ownership of.
  • The FBI are the foot soldiers for the  Deep State Stasi whose actions against Trump provide multiple options.
  • Option 1- use the premise of record keeping to get in and snoop around for what other items could be discovered in a search reportedly done non – judiciously. Either opposition research material for a DNC October Surprise or a thread to pull for a smoking gun Jan 6 related indictment. Raiding a former president’s home to create the crime.
  • Option 2 – Extreme intimidation tactic to back Trump off from announcing his candidacy.
  • Option 3- PLANT evidence
  • Option 4 – Indict Trump on False evidence and premise to chill the turnout for American First candidates in the midterm.
  • Option 5- Just the indictment would keep Trump from being able to run for official office related to the government mishandling of records act.
  • Option 6- all of the above.
  • Three days before Trump’s front door ran into the FBI, his closest adviser , Dan Scavino, posted a picture of a front door with the number 45 , see here. 
  • Hours after the raid he posted DO IT — 45! See here.
  • Did Trump and his team know of the planned raid? If so, what would that indicate?

We are all living under a totalitarian regime now. They will indict this president if it means they can stop him from seeking office. Please recall the stunning scenes out of Australia last year as we all watched those fiercely independent patriots fall to the oppressive covid mandates and police violence as a control method. That was a Globalist Great Reset beta test.

Do not for one minute imagine those same elites will bristle at the response of Americans in the streets if Trump is arrested.  Nor dare to imagine this country presently would not comply with that beta test.


If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” ~ Sam Adams


I have no space next to me for Sunshine Patriots to stand. If you are in the minority who are fully awake now and comprehend the act of war our government just waged on its citizens – I welcome you at my side. Targeting political opposition opponents and one party rule is not my America. They expect and desire our unraveling into non lawful acts. They are gaslighting the public in that direction. Hold the line and do not jump.

Obtain an American Flag and fly it on your property upside down as a signal our Republic is in dire distress. Take inspiration from the Sons of Liberty and act. Lawfully gather and organize on your block, in your community, your state, with intense focus. Every weekend gather in your town squares and peacefully assemble why you can still exercise your first amendment. Protest Tyranny and explain to every open ear what is at stake until sanity delivers us from this fate.

The act of voting will not save us this time in a corrupt system. Mobilize now to secure your local precincts procedures and standards and become the gatekeepers over our ballots.

Wrap up your crushed heart for safe keeping and and put on the armor of God. Be American.

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  1. Like our own Bekah Lyons, I too am one of those people who like to end columns with a message of hope.

    Today, I got nothing.

    This is the length the Democrats are willing to go. And should we be surprised? They stole a national election. They installed a dementia ridden puppet as a figurehead and proceeded to wreck the country. I wonder if they thought President Trump would slink away after they deposed him and never be heard from again. Well, as a) Biden keeps trashing the country and embarrassing it internationally and b) more and more of the facts have leaked out despite the media collusion, President Trump came roaring back. And the Democrats are scared. They know they don’t have any kind of mandate. They know that most Americans see the Biden administration for the dumpster fire it is. They know their shaky coalition of fringe intersectional political splinters do not represent the nation.

    So they are willing to use the corrupt FBI as Garland’s Gestapo (not a hyperbolic comparison in this case) to raid a private in home on the thinnest of pretexts, in an effort to a) divert attention from the mess they’ve made, b) keep President Trump from running again and (I believe) c) send a warning shot to the Ron Desantises, Kari Lakes and Kristi Noems of the world that this is what happens when you counter the Democrats.

    Others have said it and I will too: These people are evil. They must never be allowed near the reigns of power, ever again.

    Dark days for the nation. If there is a bright side, it is that not only has President Trump exposed the level of stinking corruption in D.C., he has provoked the Democrats to the most desperate measures and in doing so exposed them as well.

    The magical question is: Will the nation do anything with the information?

  2. A Rubicon has visibly been crossed…the enemy is exposing itself more and more.
    We cannot underestimate the criminal lengths the Biden-Harris administration will resort to.
    This scenario is frightening – Option 5- Just the indictment would keep Trump from being able to run for official office related to the government mishandling of records act.

    We must peacefully mobilize and unite and protest publicly and LOUDLY and we can at least mitigate the worst of the tyranny.
    I believe we will prevail, despite the state we are in but it will require a deep resolution among us first.

  3. I believe it is the constitution that sets the rule as to who can run and who can not. There is considerable support for the idea that he can run should he decide to. that being said the Demoncrats will not stop, they have gone after his entire inner circle and of course have expanded to include regular Americans that went to the j-6 rally. No one condones rampaging around the Capitol but it just wasn’t the scenario that they are pushing. They just have not proved that Trump organized the break-in. In fact it is looking more and more that Fed Agents were fostering the discontent and showing people how to get in.
    The IRS will now be bigger than most all Fed agency’s combined. That along with the guns and ammo that they have make them dangerous, or I should say more dangerous. We all remember what Lerner did to conservative non profits. They are in beast mode and will stay that way until taken out by the next Republican president.
    Have a Blessed Day
    It saddens me that I do not see more support for Trump. We still haven’t heard from the old crow. The 46th president gave his all for this country. He took arrows that would have killed most people and kept right on working for the country and ALL of it’s people.

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