Today’s Must Watch: “Coulda Been Worse” Ad Opposing Greg Abbott

The group spent $6.1M yesterday on statewide airtime.

Big Money is being spent to unseat Gov Abbott!! This way this Ad is filmed demonizes the Gov, the Dems are not backing down! They can’t now, they must continue on with their LIES, their Gaslighting,

This midterm election is going to be ugly! Beto also has a lot of out of state support from Blue states.

This Ad gives me the willies, it reminds me of Biden speech he did last week when the background was  all red, watch the Ad and tell me the DNC are not desperate!

The simple indecency of taking Abbott’s statement “Coulda Been Worse” without context and using the deaths of children as props is beyond the pale. Do your due diligence and fact check this ad and then let social media know the falsehoods.

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 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Wait, empty store shelves is Abbott’s fault? How come shelves weren’t empty when both Trump and Abbott were in office? Should’ve done a little more investigation. “Hey, it rained yesterday and Abbott was in office – you will have so much better weather with Beto!”

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