Today’s Must Watch: Trudeau Mocked Over Hotel Lobby Singing of Queen’s’ Bohemian Rhapsody’ on Eve of Attending Royal Funeral

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being criticized for his lack of decorum after a video of him emerged singing Queen while in London to pay his respects for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

The Counter Signal’s Keean Bexte said Trudeau is “drunkenly signing for an audience at the funeral of his predecessor. Classy.”

Trudeau was caught, seemingly under the influence of alcohol (shame on him), singing a rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” to a small crowd of spectators while visiting London, England, to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Even if he wasn’t actually drunk, my advice for him is to tell people he absolutely was hammered, car-parked, wankered, and sloshed just so he has an excuse for this performance.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a constant public embarrassment.

Who can forget the photo of him in blackface?  Or the private, maskless flight the took with his family to Costa Rica while lecturing the world on global warming?

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  1. Leftist revolutionaries must always do something that is jarring against proper order and social customs.
    Justin’s “father”, Pierre, led the way.
    They have the greatest contempt for conservatgive values, Christianity and Christian monarchy and aim to maintain it as a tool for the state.

    Even after the horrific French Revolution the hidden powers were compelled to restore some semblance of monarchy…a fake empty shell of what once was…so Napoleon crowned himself.

    This is how the globalists impose order by controlling monarchy and religion and other institutions.
    They dont need to remove them completely.

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Written by Mariah Katz

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