Man Painted Vulgar Message On Washington Monument, Officials Say. He’s Been Arrested

A man has been arrested after defacing the Washington Monument, according to officials.

The United States Park Police sent out an alert shortly after 8:00 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 20, saying they had taken a man into custody related to vandalism.

A 44-year-old from Bloomington, Indiana, was charged with trespassing, tampering and vandalism, according to a Park Police release.

According to photos taken at the scene, the message scrawled in red paint at the base of the obelisk said, “Have you been f–ked by this,” followed by an arrow pointing up at the monument. “Gov says tough sh-t.”

Monument Preservation crew got to work on the Washington Monument, after it was defaced with red paint (National Mall NPS/Twitter)

National Park Service conservators began work on restoring the monument on Wednesday, Sept. 21, according to officials.

“The top layer of paint is coming off and the pigment that seeped into the stone will be treated with many rounds of cleaning product application,” officials said.

“A week of sunlight will also help return the monument to its usual impressive state,” the NPS wrote on Twitter. “Thanks to our expert team for their hard work.”

Monument Preservation crew got to work on the Washington Monument, after it was defaced with red paint (National Mall NPS/Twitter)

There may be more charges as the investigation continues, according to the U.S. Park Police.

The Washington Monument was completed in 1884 and is recognized as the world’s tallest obelisk and the world’s tallest, unreinforced stone structure.

The Lincoln Memorial, located nearby, was vandalized with green paint in 2013, according to the Washington Post.

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  1. The comments do raise interesting questions about the architecture chosen for Washington DC.
    The obelisk represents power and antiquity and can be seen as a fertility symbol.
    But obviously this message is a manifestation of deep emotional undercurrents among the people looking for means to express itself.

    While I can understand the man’s justified anger with the govt I question his means of protesting.
    But in the context of the crimes against humanity committed by the Democrats and RINOs this vandalism is trivial and a fair punishment should take into account mitigating factors such as the great distress people endure under the Biden administration while we are silenced, censored, cancelled and hunted down.

    It is the Biden admin committing the greatest vandalism, hatred and harm against America and her people.

    BTW, how many govt employees does it take to remove graffiti?

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