September 24 Conspiracy

September 24 Doomsday Conspiracy Grows

The Sun – The German official who sparked a social media frenzy about the supposed September 24 Doomsday has broken his silence. Wild theories about the impending Doomsday and its validity continue to make the rounds on social media. The September 24 Doomsday theory continues to spread on social media – including a claim that The Simpsons predicted it.

The Doomsday rumor stemmed from a video that shows a German politician making an ominous statement and online talk about a potential solar flare, according to HITC. In the viral clip, German politician Friedrich Merz said: “This 24th of September will remain in our memories. In the future, we’ll say, ‘I remember where I was on that day.’

But Merz’s speech occurred in February, and the politician simply misspoke. A spokesperson for Merz has released a statement as the video continues to spread, according to France 24.

“Mr. Merz meant February 24 (beginning of Russian attack on Ukraine) and mistakenly said September 24. So it was unintentional,” the statement reads. However, his initial statement – combined with news of a possible solar flare – has spread like wildfire, giving life to doomsday rumors.

A massive solar flare was reported in Africa and parts of the Middle East last week, knocking out radio operators for up to an hour. A smaller solar flare was reported the day prior, on September 15. There is no proof a solar flare will happen on Saturday, but the handful of theories floating around the internet continue to fuel the fire.

However, the episode itself never mentions the supposed Doomsday date, and speculation comes from the fact that the episode number is 24/9, which some have interpreted as September 24. Further fueling the fire is a viral TikTok video that explains various conspiracy theories, including Merz’s statement and the solar flare.

An additional theory presented in the video is that former President Donald Trump will announce his 2024 run for the presidency on Saturday. Other theories stem from a fake viral video depicting a fake zombie outbreak in China.

Vice – What would a good conspiracy be without Qanon? The claim has been spread by major QAnon accounts on Telegram, YouTube, and Trump’s own platform, Truth Social. One of those sharing the claim was Juan O Savin, a QAnon influencer whose real name is Wayne Willott, who has deep connections to far-right GOP candidates running for secretary of state positions in November’s midterms.

To back up their wild speculation, followers flagged other coincidences about the day—such as the fact that Sept. 24 on the Gregorian calendar converts to Sept. 11 on the Julian calendar. Others pointed out that it is the beginning of Rosh Hoshanah, the Jewish new year, though, like many of the claims, this is inaccurate as the holiday begins this year on the evening of Sept. 25.

Zerohedge – On a serious note, the talk of nuclear war is in the air. Russia has threatened nukes to protect their recent gains in Ukraine. Russian nukes can be used to defend annexed Ukraine regions, the Kremlin warns. Russians are on the move wherein at least 300,000 Russian reservists have been called up – scenes of mobilization are all over Russia.

Unrelated to September 24th, The Serbian leader cautioned that the war between Russia and Ukraine had moved on to a far deadlier phase.

“I assume that we’re leaving the phase of the special military operation and approaching a major armed conflict, and now the question becomes where is the line, and whether after a certain time – maybe a month or two, even – we will enter a great world conflict not seen since the Second World War,” Aleksandar Vucic said.

Maybe September 24th is a mere conspiracy, but would some enterprising military psyop use the viral conspiracy to achieve some military or political gain? One can only wonder.

Okay, some German politician went on a doomsday speech about September 24th, and now this chick I follow on TikTok is all scared. Good enough for you? What’s your guess for the ominous September 24th warning?

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  1. Prophetic claims? Common sense?
    A bit of truth mixed with a lot of deception?

    Do they want to keep us confused and in a state of fear? Yes.
    Does that mean that all the claims are false? no.

    Im more worried about human caused thermonuclear weapons than the sun’s thermonuclear created flares.

    Whatever the case may be, I think the world is definitely on a trajectory of increased conflict with no checks and balances or sanity coming to the rescue in sufficient strength soon.

  2. If anything is in the cards I would bet financial crisis on global proportions all at once.

    Why is it that conspiracy predictions are never like you will win the lottery? lol.

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