Today’s Must Watch: Democrat and Media MAGA Hate by Liberal Deranged Silly White Woman

Forty-one-year-old Shannon Brandt said he was afraid 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson was “part of a Republican extremist group and that he was afraid they were ‘coming to get him.’” So he allegedly killed Ellingson with his car – see here.

There are more than you think that have bought into the false propaganda of Biden, media and the left dehumanizing conservatives. The result can be more Cayler Ellingson’s …


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 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. So us conservatives are the fascists. Lets ban leftists from holding office. Better yet only private property owners (home owners) get to vote? Not land owners like gates. Yup, sounds about right to me.

  2. The real issue here is she is only ONE of many.
    This is exactly how the first inklings of an impending genocide further on shows up in world history.
    Conditioning the masses is essential.

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Written by Mariah Katz

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