Midterms 2022: This Is What You Can Do Today That Will Make A Difference – Operation Red Wave Assist!

Presently, the 2022 Midterms are just 42 days away.

Over the last decades, Americans have heard the steady drum beat – “This is the most important election of your lifetime and will determine if we remain a free Republic or not.”

Guess what? America is not the functioning Constitutional Republic claimed, and you have not been exercising your freedoms for quite some time now. So don’t expect me to pitch to you that this is the one vote left that will save America.

The United States had morphed into a full-blown Plutocracy starting around the Papa Bush era and going on steroids during Obama’s reign.
The rise of the Uniparty and culmination of legislation passed was the Patriot Act and the implementation of the authoritarian surveillance state. During those years, there remained a bare minimum of journalistic integrity, just enough dissent, and political pressures to save off the tragic transition we all find ourselves navigating now.

No longer are our inalienable rights defended or recognized as sovereign. We are ruled under a totalitarian regime. Stop! Denial of this fact cannot help you or your future generations, nor, parsing semantics of what the definition of the word totalitarianism is – is.

There are but two ways or choices to wrestle a populace free of a totalitarian rule…
At this moment in time it remains necessary and prudent that the choice be the lawful and peaceful redress of government and demonstrable citizenry of casting a vote.

This, my fellow citizen , is where the end game or last time rhetoric fits and is applicable. The 2022 midterms could be the very last in American history – citizens “vote.”

The left has successfully made our Constitutional Republic’s voting process a, forgive me, only one phrase describes it accurately, and that is a Custer – F!
By design, totalitarians have implemented a cascading number of moves: early voting and extended voting time frames, expanded mail-in ballots and drop boxes, sham accusations of voter disenfranchisement through voter ID, Illegal immigration, voter rolls, changing state voter laws unconstitutionally, social media censorship and propaganda, Dark Money donors, and the rest to fraudulently change on the margins the outcome. Now, in power , they legislate certification process and election law and push to abolish the electoral college! Once they move us all to voting online “the fix” will be hardwired.

So this election season, your vote will be about stopping tyranny already waged upon you and installing new gatekeepers who will act on restoring your liberties and prioritizing “America First ” above all other objectives.

If we are victorious at the ballot box, it will mean placing the tourniquet on the patient and firing all the medical team down to the custodial staff. But, it will only be the first round of negotiations at the operating table. The patient, American culture, is acutely ill and will require an ongoing treatment plan with a competent and committed multi-disciplinary medical team to keep the revived…alive.

The United States Constitutional Republic is unique among all that came before or will come after. It ceases to be when mob rule and factions dictate individual freedoms and remove access to equal protection under the law. Any new team of ” American Patriots” duly elected will require our collective and constant vigilance and political pressure. The key factor in ensuring such is that the majority of Americans adhere to core shared values and a willingness to defend them. Our societal tone must reflect a moral path worth our lives and our families’ honor.

Otherwise, the patient will succumb to the next wave of Marxists on the horizon. Our founders were certain that there would always be the next wave on the horizon to threaten our freedoms but, unfortunately, generations of parents and grandparents stopped instilling that knowledge into the minds of our youth.

This November 8, 2022, vote in person if at all possible. Grasp that you are not voting for the lesser of two evils but voting for a pro-freedom versus anti-freedom course ahead. Your vote will determine for you and your offspring the following:

  • The right to bear arms to defend yourself, others, and property.
  • The right to own property.
  • The right to your free speech, especially political dissent.
  • The right to be protected against unreasonable search and seizure.
  • The right to be protected from political persecution and dehumanization efforts against political opposition.
  • The right to not have your taxpayer-funded government agencies weaponized against you.
  • The right to practice your religion.
  • The right to defend the sanctity of life.
  • The right to have control of your medical care and decisions.
  • The right to be defended against state-controlled media and propaganda.
  • The right, not to have to send your child into combat for only a political war.
  • The right to protect and have sovereign custodial choices over your children.
  • The right not to be victimized by crime and to be safe in your communities and survive.
  • The right to have Domestic Security defended.
  • The right to have National Security defended.
  • The right to not be unlawfully surveilled by the government.
  • The right to be treated equally under the rule of law.
  • The right to preserve a blind justice system free of political activism or stacked courts.
  • The right to gain education free of ideological indoctrination. 
  • The right to have fair and free elections and to vote.
  • The right to have non-restricted movement, and travel.
  • The right to privacy and protection from censorship.
  • The right to have taxation through representation.
  • The right to have access to a functioning free market capitalist economy.
  • The right to have government agencies be fiscally accountable to taxpayers.
  • The right to sovereign borders that are protected from terrorists, and human, drug ,and weapon trafficking. 
  • The right not to live in a police state or one-party governance.
  • The right to not be forced into a digital footprint and social scoring.
  • The right to remain a citizen of a sovereign country and not part of a one-world governance through the transition of the Great Reset agenda.
  • and much more.

Voters this election cycle must do a gut check. Are you willing to remain complicit and silent? Because presently, every American who is not actively engaged in getting justice for ‘January sixers’ who rot in prison, some still in solitary confinement is complicit in the totalitarian regimes’ power. From there, the benchmark list of shame and impunity is wide spread and covers many things.

What can you do this late in the game to give those candidates’ who are defending liberty a fair shot to outrun the fraud margin and fundraising behemoth mountain against them?

Recognize the GOP leadership ( Uniparty) hung them all out to dry before the primaries even begun. A MAGA or even moderate Republican is persona non grata which is to say, no dinero. Soon the homestretch will mean out of state liberal progressives and major corporations virtue signaling will flood states with advertising revenue and blanket 24/7 negative ads against Republican candidates.

Yes, as tacky as it sounds money matters in politics – so do something about it! Make the elite establishment stumble and fall as the earth shifts right out from underneath them. Open your wallet and use that credit card to support candidates in very close races that are winnable. It makes no difference if they are in your state or not. If you cannot spare cash, then contact campaigns and offer services like emailing or canvas calls from home. Do whatever you can to help them combat the 3:1 spending gap and fraud laden schemes afloat.

Below are the links to competitive races YOU can make a difference.


Senate Races:

Wisconsin: Incumbent Republican Ron Johnson faces Democratic challenger Mandela Barnes. (Trump endorsed race) 

Visit Direct Link

Pennsylvania: Senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Pat Toomey ( R). Republican Mehmet Oz faces Democrat John Fetterman.(Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

Ohio: Sen. Rob Portman (R) announced retirement. J.D. Vance Republican will face Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan. (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

Nevada: Republican Adam Laxalt is running against Incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D). (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

Georgia: Republican contender Herschel Walker goes up against incumbent  Sen. Raphael Warnock (D). (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

Arizona: Republican Blake Masters faces incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly (D). (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

North Carolina: Sen. Richard Burr (R) opened up seat and Republican Ted Budd faces off with Democrat Cheri Beasley. (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

Washington: Polls have shockingly been tightening between incumbent Sen. Patty Murray (D) and her opponent Republican Tiffany Smiley

Visit Direct Link


House Races:

Ohio CD 1:

Longtime Republican Rep. Steve Chabot faces challenger Democrat Cincinnati City Councilman Greg Landsman is a redrawn district that favors democrats now.

Visit Direct Link

Ohio CD 9: Republican  J.R. Majewski is tryin to unseat long time incumbent Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur. (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

Tennessee CD 5:

This has been a Democrat seat since 1875 and due to redistricting that split Davidson County – Rep. Jim Cooper ( D) announced retirement. Republican Andy Ogle will face challenger Democrat state Sen. Heidi Campbell.

Visit Direct Link

Iowa CD3:

Republican state senator Zach Nunn will run against Incumbent Democrat Rep. Cindy Axne. (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

Michigan CD 3:

Republican challenger John Gibbs won his GOP primary against Rep. Peter Meijer who had voted to impeach President Trump. He will face challenger Hillary Scholten in a district redrawn to favor Democrats. (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

Texas CD 15:

Redistricting has Republican Monica De La Cruz face off with Democrat Michelle Vallejo. (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

New Hampshire CD 1:

Generation Z candidate, Republican Karoline Leavitt faces incumbent Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas.

Visit Direct Link

Pennsylvania CD 7:

Republican Lisa Scheller is in a rematch with Democrat incumbent Rep. Susan Wild.

Visit Direct Link


Governor Races:

Arizona: Republican Kari Lake takes on Democrat Katie Hobbs. (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

Michigan: Republican Tudor Dixon is trying to defeat Democrat Gretchen Whitmer. (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

Florida: Governor Ron DeSantis will face Democrat challenger Charlie Crist.

Visit Direct Link

Georgia: Governor Brian Kemp faces Stacy Abrams.

Visit Direct Link

Kansas: Republican Attorney General Derek Schmidt will try to unseat Democrat Governor Laura Kelly.

Visit Direct Link

 Nevada: Republican Joe Lombardo is trying to unseat  Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak. (Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link

Texas: Republican Governor Greg Abbott is running against challenger Beto O Rourke.(Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link


Republican Doug Mastriano and Democrat AG Josh Shapiro battle for open seat.(Trump endorsed race)

Visit Direct Link


Republican Tim Michels is trying to unseat Democrat incumbent Tony Evers.

Visit Direct Link


If you are still waiting on someone else to fix it and make it right…you have already lost the battle.

Let ‘Operation Red Wave Assist’ commence.

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  1. Love the action plan.
    This is the deciding election for America’s future..the big one…maybe the last chance for years, decades, centuries.
    I expect the worst outcomes but hope for some success.
    Let’s do this.

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