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Today’s Must Watch: Shopping in America Twofer – Mental Screaming Karen And Wildings

If you needed any more confirmation that the political left is normalizing insanity within our society, just take a look at this recent epic meltdown by a woman who cut in line at a Walmart and was called out by the guy behind her. Screaming like a mental patient is justified because she claims to have been “raped” (and, of course, she is wearing a mask).

But what this screaming mental Karen doesn’t realize is that there is a better way to go shopping.

A mob of people entered a Wawa convenience store on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia and broke out into a riot, seemingly without warning or reason. There’s no comment yet from Philadelphia police on the cause of the rampage. As the economic situation in the US continues to decline and prices continue to rise on most goods, expect to see more scenes like this one on a regular basis.

Shopping in America has never been easier.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Video 1: tantrum at checkout 5!

    Video 2: What the?

    The veneer of civilization is extremely thin.
    The primal beast lurks underneath.
    (Don’t tell that to the disciples of the humanist enlightenment).

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Written by Mariah Katz

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