Today’s Must Watch: Bubble Puppy Decides She’s Ready To Live In The World

I could not pass on this sweet puppy video.

Please meet sweet dearest Sally, A tiny dachshund puppy born with Pneumonia and aspiration issues.

This puppy was born with acute respiration issues and had to live in an oxygen bubble to help her breathe — until she started pawing at it to get out! Take this documented health journey over a span of the young puppy’s early life and meet the amazing people who gave her unconditional love and excellent medical care.

Everyone can learn from Sally’s never give up attitude and spirit.

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  1. What a wonderful little dog, and certainly the people who sacrificed so much time, energy and money to nurture this little sweetheart to good health. There simply isn’t enough of this sort of thing, and this video made our (me and my fuzzy family) entire week!! Much Love!!

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