‘Hell on Earth’: Rising Disabilities, Health Issues & Death Are Cause for Concern for a Complete Catastrophe

Watch now (1 min) | “The issues are just starting to show up, [and it] makes me very, very frightened.”

This is not a prediction former Blackrock executive Ed Dowd wants to be right on, but his forecast for the future is not looking good.

In an interview with former news correspondent Greg Hunter, Ed is asked:

Do you think that there’s going to be any kind of reprieve before the end of this happens? I mean, we’re looking at years. Try to put this into scope: we’re looking at years into the future, right? I mean, this is far from even peaking — or am I wrong?

“Look,” said Ed.

There’s some predictions I make that I hope that generally I’m dead wrong. I mean, this is not one I want to be right on. I think, personally, that hell on earth may have already started, and it’s going to start to accelerate. What I mean by that is we’re going to be overwhelmed with people being disabled and dying at such a rate that we have a breakdown in the supply chain. And basic necessities that we used to take for granted just aren’t there because there’s not enough people to deliver goods, services, and what have you.

That is not something you want to hear.

And it’s a lot to digest all at once, so let’s break it down bit by bit.


Video and more at direct link.

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