Today’s Must Watch: Rainforth: The Mexican Cartels Prefer Human Over Drug Trafficking Due to Increased Profitability

On the Border in El Paso:

The Facts at the Border and motives of Cartel trafficking. Jeff Rainforth’s interview on the War Room with Steve Bannon highlights the motivations of Cartels and trafficking.

Jeff Rainforth is an International freelance photographer/videographer/writer – 2019 to present
-Covered the Hong Kong protests, Portland riots, and January 6 events at the Capitol
-Cross-country videographer covering post-2020 election political events
-Extensive experience filming on the southern border with drones and night vision cameras.

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 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. VERY Alarming video which all Americans (and the world) must see as the most critical midterms approach.

    Rainforth is absolutely right in saying that Biden’s assisting the cartels on the southern “border” is T R E A S O N.
    And I make this accusation with great restraint because of its extreme seriousness.
    I say let’s find the judges to build the case and prosecute now.
    Joe Biden I urge you to please turn back now and help save America.

    And I feel proud that I made a small contribution to build that wall stretching behind Rainforth.
    We must have the right to defend ourselves, including the use of walls.
    Anyone denying such a right wishes us harm.

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