Today’s Must Watch: Outrage Mother Dresses as a Drag Queen During School Board Meeting to Protest


During the Ankeny, Iowa Public School Board Meeting on October 3, 2022, parents voiced concerns over the lack of response for the school’s unauthorized drag show in May.

Des Moines Register reported:

Ankeny High School’s Gay Straight Alliance in May hosted the after-school drag performance as part of an end-of-year meeting, inviting guest performers from the Iowa Youth Parade Pageant, according to the school district at that time. Administrators did not give approval for the performance in advance and organizers did not follow protocol, the district said.

She also called out one of the guest drag performers, accusing them of being a “Satanic worshiper,” as a friend stood next to her, holding a poster that displayed images of the performer.

To prove how “inappropriate” the outfit was, Reicks stepped away from the podium and took off her jacket and sweatpants to reveal the same outfit.

“I want to know: Does this outfit make you turn your head?” she asked, stepping away from the board and turning to the small audience gathered for the meeting. “Is this outfit appropriate for anybody here to see?

“Because if this makes your head turn, if this p—-s you off, then it should. Because this guy walked into our school, wearing exactly the same thing,” she added before a board member interrupted and asked her to address the board.

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  1. Never get between a maternal mother and her babies.
    Do the leftists understand that they meddle and provoke the very forces of fair nature herself?
    Wow, what a woman!

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