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Chart of the Day: Halloween Inflation Soars – Scary Huh?

Halloween 2022 is here. We already have had enough scare in our household budgets with 40-year high inflation. How does Halloween 2022 stack up?

Planned household spending for Halloween fell this year to $100.45 billion, compared to $102.74 billion in 2021, according to the National Retail Foundation’s Halloween Spending Survey. In 2019, the number was just $86.27 billion. Even with surging inflation, the total amount of Halloween spending is down, perhaps indicating a softening economy.

Household Halloween Spending Historical 2022Halloween is the biggest season for candy sales – more than Easter or Christmas. “It’s our Superbowl,” an industry executive told CNBC a few years ago. One-quarter of all the candy sold annually in the US is purchased for Halloween. Halloween candy costs more this year – but most of us will likely pay up rather than go without our treats. See below in the chart Halloween candy inflation and learn more here.

Halloween Candy Inflation 2022

Looking to get the best results with your Halloween costume? If you want the most candy this trick-or-treat season, make sure your costume is creative. That’s according to a new poll of 2,000 parents, which reveals that scary (15%) and pop culture-themed (13%) costume wearers also tend to fill up candy bags faster.

Overall, three in five (61%) believe that creative costumes garner more candy. So, it’s no surprise that kids are asking for classic costumes such as pirates and vampires (41%), scary characters (41%), superheroes and villains (39%), and pop culture figures (39%). See here the most popular Halloween costumes for pets.

The 25 most popular Halloween costumes for 2022, according to Billboard – click here. Witches are still number one, but popular recent TV series still drive many costume ideas. On an inflation-fighting budget? See here 105 DYI Good Housekeeping costume ideas.

What’s your favorite scary movie? Artificial intelligence has reimagined movie posters of popular horror films just in time for Halloween – and the results are teeming with blood, gore, and terror. Check it out here.

Then there is this.

Multiple news reports over the past few weeks have claimed that something called rainbow fentanyl may be lurking in the Halloween candy that kids will pick up trick-or-treating this year. And while the substance – fentanyl pills or powder colored with bright dyes – is dangerous, it’s a myth that you might find fentanyl in Halloween candy, experts and officials say – see the report here.

“Asked why the department urged parents to check Halloween candy if no one believes the pills were meant to end up in trick-or-treaters’ hands, Dean said: “There’s always that possibility … that these pills get mixed in with other things. …  I don’t think the message was we’re worried about people planting stuff in kids’ candy. It was still just be diligent checking your kid’s stuff.” “

Some states are issuing warnings related to  marijuana and THC  sold as edibles in the form of candies or other snacks, see here and here.

But, like so many things in the news nowadays, one needs to be cautious. Perhaps the report is coming from the confectionary industry to prop up sales. At a minimum, any candy from trick or treating must be carefully examined. Each parent must be extremely cautious in allowing their children to eat candy from unknown sources.

If you are into history, see here some interesting historical facts about Halloween. Halloween has always been a curious holiday. Nevertheless, many enjoy … but do stay safe.

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