Conservatives Need to Reject People Who Put Their Own Ego Before the Good of the Country

With the nation suffering under the incompetent rule of the Biden administration, the midterms presented us with a unique opportunity to blunt the destruction at least somewhat. As conservatives, we only had one goal for these elections – retake control of Congress to stop the Biden agenda. You would think all Republicans could unite behind that noble cause – but you would be wrong.

Here is one person whose real goal was to ensure only the members of his own fan club get elected:

“Joe O’Dea lost BIG!” Trump said. “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

Apparently, before making America great again (again!) we need to help Democrats destroy it as much as humanly possible. Only then can we get to the important work of making the country great. I assume we could make our job a little easier by winning Congress and stopping the Democrats from doing any more damage. But that might mean that people who did not pledge allegiance to Donald Trump may get to be Senators, and we can’t have that!

We loved Donald Trump because when he was President, he used his power to fight for all of us.  Today, he expects us, his supporters, to sacrifice for him.  Because we lost an all-important Senate seat, Democrats may retain power, and that means more suffering for us.  But the former President thinks we should take it.  He promised to stand for us – but today, he throws overboard anyone who does not go along with his vision.  Donald Trump is about to find out that that very few people are willing to suffer for his quest to be recorded in history books as “a great political comeback.”  We will be loyal to someone who looks out for the country – not for himself.

In the last few months, the former President has done very little to convince us that he is still a fighter for the country.  His behavior has been so selfishly destructive that even his closest supporters and advisers are taking a pause.  And needless to say, his biggest haters are taking notice as well.

Enter a person with an even bigger ego – Ann Coulter.  Here is Ann, rejoicing in the fact that the nation is going to suffer even more:

“A Nation Rejoices! A Humiliating Defeat for Trump!”

Maybe I am not a part of Ann’s “nation,” but I am not rejoicing that more people will die on the streets of NYC because Kathy Hochul won. I am not rejoicing that today because the red wave did not materialize, more people are losing money from their retirement accounts. I am not rejoicing that the real estate market is collapsing, and people cannot afford Thanksgiving dinner. I am not rejoicing that the service industry is destroyed, and people will spend long hours at the airports during holidays because Pete Buttigieg is impotent in more ways than one.

The only “nation” that rejoices because all those things will happen lives in Ann Coulter’s head.  She was never a conservative – because conservatives root for their county and don’t rejoice when their country suffers.  But Ms. Coulter hates Trump so much that she only cares about one thing:  humiliating Trump, no matter how many lives are destroyed.

Being a conservative means, first of all, putting your country first.  There are too many people claiming to be conservative, who don’t care about the country.  Their utmost priority is to be proven right.  They will never change their tune no matter how many people get hurt.  We need to start naming names, and we need to start shaming those people.  They are not a part of the conservative “club.”  They work for themselves, and they use us as a shield to advance their agenda.  If that’s what you are, form your own party.

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  1. I saw a comment by Ann Coulter on Twitter and a lot of people responded, “I have never agreed with you before but I do now.” One was Congressman Ted Lieu. Was does that tell you about Coulter? She’s similar to Milo Yiannopoulos. They say things to get a rise out of people and they have no concern about it’s impact on the voter.

    Regarding Trump, I think Victor Davis Hanson whom I admire for his stances without being bombastic, said it best of Trump: “He was unwise” regarding his comments around the midterms.

  2. I’m sick of the Trump bashing, seems to me everyone wants a UNIparty, so we should get behind the RINOs who are getting behind DeSantis. We all know Trump doesn’t hold back but we are so PC that we can’t allow his naughty WORDS to harm us. Going along to get along has harmed us more than his bold words. We are getting used to settle for milk toast deep-state republicans. I’m sick of RINOs, I’ll take DJT’s words over those weak-kneed, deep-state slimeballs any day of the week

  3. I make no excuses for Trump’s recent attacks After Midterms on Gov. DeSantis or Gov. Younkin.

    But, I support his POST ELECTION attacks on the Republican Leadership which are 100% accurate.
    The accusation that Trump’s statement on Joe O’Dea somehow is an example of Trump throwing MAGA voters overboard or in some way is harming the country I reject.

    First, The comments again were Post election and so any notion Trump did something to throw O’Dea’s chances for victory out of some ego issue is invalid. And if we are going to talk unity and supporting one another shall we include the context of which man started throwing shade first? O’Dea chose to run his mouth against Trump during the primary. McConnell made a point of running his mouth too setting up non unity and promoting O Dea’s attacks on Trump and throwing massive funding his way.

    It is curious the article did not include Mcconnell or McCarthy in it…
    After all, Both men bashed primary winning American First candidates , witheld funding, and worked with Democrats to defeat said candidates. Loyalty and unity you say?

    I get it, Trump has made some poor choices post election results with words on social media. But that does not equate to disunity and not putting country first before the midterms.

    Trump has endorsed over 330 candidates this election cycle and his winning record on said endorsements cannot be matched by anyone. If you compare GOP leaderships endorsements it is a joke to claim Trump candidates cost Republicans a wave. Hint, there never was the possibility of a huge wave in the first place as the polorization and map this cycle prohibited it.

    Trump hosted 30 rallies across 17 states over the past 18 months,50 in-person fundraisers in support of candidates up for re-election, 60 TeleRallies and automated calls in support of Republicans,raised nearly $350 million this election cycle for Republican candidates and Party Committees. and spent $16.4 million in 5 weeks in support of U.S. Senate, Gubernational, and Attorney General races across the country. Trump-endorsed candidates for U.S. Senate were 21-0 in PRIMARY elections during the 2022 election cycle.

    Get back to me with Mitch , Kevin ,and Rona’s numbers lol. How many rallies did Mitch do? lol.

    Look DeSantis ‘s tsunami performace in the state of Fl is a given and he has earned every right to bask in that victory, But, those who have amnesia need to be reminded that DeSantis is a MAGA canidiate and ran on a platform that is American First principles. Ron campaigned for American First candidates too. And I might add that the Miami Dade flip to a sea of red started with Trump gaining traction with Hispanics, While the night was great for the DeSantis and down ticket team, Trump garnished more Miami -Dade county votes in 2020 than DeSantis last Tuesday. My only point is the successes on Tuesday were spring boards from what Trump had built and fostered, Yes, and in Fl. DeSantis’s record was stellar.

    It may be fair to accuse Trump post election of verbally smack talking those within the GOP esatblishment (O’Dea) and those who may not be doing the bidding for the GOP establishment such as DeSantis and Younkin. But the minute the clock ended on the Midterms the 2024 race began- this is politics and smack talking and jockeying for position is built into the cake. Dare to make a case that Mitch,Kevin and a host of other Republican establishment has not been smack talking Trump and you would fail.
    But to accuse Trump of not caring about MAGA voters, or All Americans, and ONLY caring about his ego – I feel is demonstrably false and unfair.

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Written by Tatyana Larina

Tatyana Larina comes from my favorite work of poetry.  And that's the only time you'll see me quoting Wikipedia as a source.

I came to the US in 1991, lived in Bay Area for 30 years, and I have a Computer Science degree.  I worked in software industry for several years, later switching to a career of a full time mom, and I never looked back.  I am currently a resident of Florida.

In my younger days, I wasn’t a conservative. That is not to say that I was ever a liberal – I was not anything at all. I had no idea that there were such concepts as “conservative” and “liberal”. I did not pay attention to politics at all, and the most political knowledge you would get out of me would be who the US President was, and even for that you had to catch me on the right day.

My first introduction to politics was during the second Israeli intifada in 2002. Unspeakable violence erupted in Israel. Every day dozens of people were killed. Even though I didn’t follow politics, that deeply affected me. I felt sad, frustrated, and powerless. And one night, I happened to stumble on an MSNBC program called “Alan Keyes is making sense.” He was talking passionately about Israel and the violence, and he addressed my feelings very well.  Since that evening, I turned on Alan Keyes every night, and by his commentary he was able to take away some of the frustration and anger that I had. It was like a nightly therapy session.

Feeling intrigued after watching Alan Keyes, I wondered what else MSNBC had in store. I switched through the channels, and low and behold, I found Scarborough Country. Right off, Joe Scarborough wasn’t what he is today at all. He was a solid conservative (as I now understand), making common sense conservative points. I found him interesting and engaging. Opposing liberalism had not entered my mind at that time. I still didn’t know anything about liberalism. It was just the things he said sounded very common sense and worthwhile to me. Imagine that at some point, MSNBC had a conservative host on the air. Crazy times, ha?

Exploring my new political universe, I switched through more channels, and one night I found FOX. O’Reilly Factor was on. From the very first night, I was hooked. I abandoned Scarborough. O’Reilly was not just common sense – he was aggressive, and he was a fighter. He was Scarborough on steroids. He wasn’t just talking – he was taking on what he thought to be wrong and unjust. Ever since the first time, and until untimely end of Bill’s FOX career, I don’t think I ever missed one Factor.

For forming my political views, and my ability to formulate them, I have to give special credit to three people: Charles Krauthammer, Bill O’Reilly, and Greg Guttfeld.  To Charles - philosophy.  To Bill - realistic and pragmatic approach to politics.  To Greg - realization that a good joke will change more minds than a long lecture.

And for everything else, thanks to my family.

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