Giving Thanks to Dissident Voices

Third Pandemic Thanksgiving Would Have Looked Much Different without Them

Many have wondered what would have happened if there was no counter-narrative to the lockstep global pandemic response?   Simultaneously all over the world, authoritarian government agencies swiftly seized power and enacted crushing lockdowns, impeded compassionate care, and promoted fear, suffering, hospitalization and death as depicted in our book “Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death while Battling the Biopharmaceutical Complex.”

Not a single developed country had a national early treatment program to limit the numbers of avoidable COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths.  They all adopted mass vaccination programs with novel, unproven, and quickly unveiled, dangerous products.  The most widely used vaccines are gene transfer biotechnology developed after a decade-long US Department of Defense DARPA initiative gone bad called ADEPT:PROTECT P3.

After a year of psychological conditioning, most adults of westernized countries readily accepted the injections with no assurances on long-term safety.  In the wake of this horrific scene there was a countercurrent.  Voices of persons who saw and heard the pandemic differently brought hope.  Their common characteristics included 1) lack of personal fear of SARS-CoV-2, 2) practical, modest expectations of contagion control measures, 3) understanding early treatment had the best hopes of reducing the chances of hospitalization and death, and 4) healthy skepticism of media portrayals, 5) little expectation of being saved by vaccination.  Iconic dissident voices were heard at the top of society by governmental leaders including Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who took hydroxychloroquine to easily get through the illness and vowed to never take a COVID-19 vaccine.  Rare and intellectually courageous members of parliament called out the false narrative including Christine Anderson (EU Germany), Robert “Rob” Roos (EU Netherlands), Malcolm Roberts and Craig Kelly (Australia), Ron Johnson and Rand Paul (US Senate), and the list could be fairly extended to many more notable politicians.  The world heard from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano who spoke out on the ethical and religious objection to forced vaccination while so many more within Catholic and other churches were complicit in silence.  Likewise the world of music heard “Enough is Enough” from Eric Clapton who took a COVID-19 vaccine and could not play the guitar for year as he recovered from a flare of a painful neuropathy.  Resistance was felt from the small but powerful figure of Prashant Bushan in the Supreme Court of India as he sledgehammered the government over the complete lack of transparent vaccine results to the Indian people.  Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia and banned from the Australian Open for protecting his body against the harms of unnecessary vaccination.  Basketball great Kyrie Irving and football star Aaron Rogers were harassed with every form of vaccine discrimination including professional and financial damage as they held the line.

More of this exceptional piece by Dr. McCullough at direct Link.

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