Pfizer Stakeholder Leaned on Twitter to Quash Vaccine-Skeptical Tweets

Former New York Times reporter and prolific novelist Alex Berenson has charged former FDA head Scott Gottlieb, a Pfizer stakeholder, of censoring a tweet that cast doubt on its covid shots.

Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb leaned on Twitter to censor tweets which argued against vaccine passports and claimed natural immunity was stronger than the shot, latest Twitter files dump reveals

  • Controversial reporter Alex Berenson made the claim in the latest Twitter Files
  • Former FDA head Scott Gottlieb wanted to quash a tweet critical of Pfizer shots
  • Berenson notes that Gottlieb, a Pfizer stakeholder, did so for financial benefit 

Pfizer board member and former FDA head Scott Gottlieb used his influence to pressure Twitter to flag a tweet that cast doubt on Covid-19 vaccines, the latest batch of ‘Twitter files’ show.

Documents leaked to controversial reporter Alex Berenson allege that Dr Scott Gottlieb leaned on the social media company to obscure a relatively innocuous post that cast doubt about the Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness and suggested natural immunity was more effective.

The tweet – made by a former Government health official – was subsequently slapped with a ‘Misleading’ label, despite the debate around immunity still dividing scientists to this day.

The revelations are part of the Twitter files, a cache of internal documents and correspondences that have recently been made publicly available to a select number of journalists. Their aim is to highlight a range of censorship decisions Twitter made prior to the takeover by eccentric billionaire Elon Musk.

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