14 IL Sheriffs Won’t Enforce New ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

More than a dozen Illinois sheriffs have announced they won’t be enforcing a new assault weapons ban signed into law on Tuesday. The state is now the ninth to enact the gun control measure, with President Joe Biden calling for it to be applied at the federal level.

The new law, which became effective immediately after being signed, makes it illegal for dozens of semi-automatic rifles and pistols deemed to be “assault weapons” from being made or sold in Illinois, along with high-capacity magazines. Current owners of now-banned guns can keep them, but have to register them with the state, CBS News reported.

At least 14 sheriffs in the state have said they won’t be putting any effort toward enforcing the assault weapons ban, known as the Protect Illinois Communities Act. Almost all of them posted nearly identical statements on Facebook.

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association itself said it was “extremely disappointed” in the law’s passage and “remains opposed to the bill.”

The statement that most of the sheriffs signed some version of said that, as sheriffs, they’d sworn to protect people’s Second Amendment rights. The sheriffs said they won’t arrest people solely for breaking the new law or check to see if their banned guns are registered.

This statement was shared by sheriffs of GreeneClintonMacoupinMonroeLaSalleKankakeeJo DaviessLoganEdwardsOgleMcDonoughWabash and Richland counties.

Another statement to the same effect was signed by both the sheriff and state attorney in Madison County. They said the new law “bans many of the most popular firearms in America, firearms that are currently in common use for lawful purposes and which law-abiding citizens have legally owned for many years.”

They added that the assault weapons ban likely violates the Supreme Court’s decision last year that the Second Amendment protects the possession of weapons that are “in common use at the time.”

“We expect a strong court challenge to [the new law] in short order,” they stated. “In the meantime, we remain focused on reducing violent crime.”

Lawmakers and activists said the law is a way to cut down on gun violence and mass shootings. Illinois Gov. J. B.  Pritzker invoked last year’s shooting in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, when a legally-purchased AR-15-style rifle was used to kill seven people and injure 48 at a July 4 parade.

“We will keep fighting — bill by bill, vote by vote, and protest by protest — to ensure that future generations only hear about massacres like Highland Park, Sandy Hook, and Uvalde in their textbooks,” Pritzker said in a statement.

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  1. I hope those sheriffs get fired for not doing their jobs. The role of the police is to enforce the law not decide what the law should be. Where will such madness end?

  2. Mintsauce don’t worry about America as you do not understand anything about US. Stay in your own country and all is good. You do enjoy telling other countries what to do! LOL You are so not informed about the rights of the people in the USA!

  3. Ladybay in many respects the USA is no different from many other Western countries. In just about all other countries (i honesty cant think of one where this doesn’t apply) the police do not create laws. similarly ladybay in every other country the role of the police is to enforce the law. This is not unique to the USA! And Ladybay in all other countries people can be fired for not doing their job. IF some police are not doing their job in the USA then they should be fired and that simple piece of logic applies not only to the USA but to every other country I can think of.

  4. Mintsauce, you have no one fooled. You will never try to lean about the USA and its people. SO, stop your bashing and move on! It’s just that simple!

  5. Ladybay the people of the USA do not want a police force that does not enforce the law. Maybe you do? But you are thankfully but a tiny minority.

  6. LOL like you know what the majority of the USA want! I did not know we would have trolls even here. Mintsauce like I have said, you have no one fooled. I want people to know you are not an American. I will not put in print what country you are from as there are real good people there. I will not be answering any of your remarks from this day forward. Goodbye Mintsauce the TROLL!

  7. LOL – Mintsauce is lecturing United States citizens on the US Constitution – is that not just adorable…

    Mint, in this country there is this thing called the 10th amendment or what the US Constitution specifically identifies as states rights v federal.
    Sheriffs are county employees not state employees and most are elected by the people not apppinted by governors. So as elected officials they answer to the people in their county not to the Governor. A good sheriff should respect Constitutional Lawful statutes that authorities produce by fiat and set a good example but it’s not illegal not to do so when asked to retsrict a citizens rights unconstitutionally.

    This is all headed to the SCOTUS and the most recent case was New York Gov. and SCOTUS shot it down in flames so I suspect these Sheriffs will prevail .
    Thank Goodness I live in USA and not countries that trample the rights of citizens with no redress.

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