Biden’s ATF Says Gun Owners Have 120 Days To Comply With New Pistol Brace Ruling

Remember, Millions of people have these braces on their guns. This new rule, which isn’t even a law but has the consequences of being law, asserts that any weapon that is designed, redesigned, manufactured or modified to be fired from the shoulder will now legally be an SBR. There is also the possibility that if a firearm only features a surface area that could permit it to be fired from the shoulder, it may fall under the definition of an SBR. The ATF will consider any pistol with a length of pull equivalent to that of a rifle to be an SBR. Further, the addition of an optic on a pistol that requires eye relief in the same fashion as a rifle will be an SBR. So simply putting an optic on a pistol will likely change it from a pistol to an SBR. Once again, remember, the ATF told us that these braces were legal to put on our guns, and now over night, they’re illegal unless you register them with the ATF. It doesn’t take a genius to see how this is a defacto gun registration. So now, millions of guns that were once not on a registration will have to be on a registration, or you become a felon. I’m optimistic there will be lawsuits filed over this but as anyone who has had the misfortune of dealing with the court system, the one thing they are not is fast.

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  1. Neither the atf nor the just us department has the authority to enact nor enforce such violations of the 2nd Ammendment.
    As such it’s unlawful and unconstitutional and an illegal action, simply do not comply in any way. The Supreme Court will toss the ruling….

  2. Mintsauce is a troll. Mint, I looked up your country laws on gun. Well stop playing games. I see you have guns in your country. What you need to do is jump on your own band wagon and stop the crap in your country. America is doing just fine! Like I said you are a troll, and your word means nothing in the USA. Take care of your own crap about guns. Just being honest!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ladybay “America is doing just fine!” Does just fine include the 90 people who have died from gun related incidents this year alone?
    Does “just fine” include the fact that out of that 39 have been classed as “mass shootings”
    Or perhaps Ladybay you were referring to last year when 617 people died from mass shootings?
    America maybe doing “just fine” in many areas but when it comes to guns and gun related deaths clearly America is not doing “just fine” and anyone who thinks so has a poor view of human life.

  4. Ladybay “America is doing just fine!” Does ‘just fine” include the 39 people who have died this year from mass shootings?
    Does ‘just fine’ include the 90 people that have died from gun violence this year alone?
    Perhaps ladybay you were referring to last year when 617 people died from mass shootings
    America maybe doing just fine on many measures but on gun related violence clearly it is not!

  5. Mint, yes America is just fine. What part do you not understand, Take care of your own country. Stop making nasty comments about the USA. We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights! I am sure you know how to search Look it up and learn about America. Americans will not give up our guns. Bless your heart!

  6. Gosh knows it is tedious – but someone has to pull the short straw – lol.

    Mint’s links
    ” Does just fine include the 90 people who have died from gun related incidents this year alone?”

    The article you are replying to Ladybay about is an article about Gun restrictions about pistols.
    Nothing about that regulation would have prevented any of the 90 people’s deaths you listed in your link. Looking closely at the grid provided one can easily see where the majority of those 90 deaths have occured. It is not a gun problem it is a cultural problem found mostly in the inner cities where the 89% of all violent crime with guns happen. The progressive reforms such as no cash bail , not prosecuting certain criminal activity , and emptying out prisons in these citites can also be part of causation.
    Just looking up a few names on the death list one gets to the local news story that tells the sad tale of cultural rot and victims from perps with long rap sheets.

    “Does “just fine” include the fact that out of that 39 have been classed as “mass shootings”
    The left’s dishonesty of tracking gun deaths as ” mass shootings” often mean two gang bangers in a gun battle and a third joins in . Or a domestic issue where several family members are murdered in a home, or so forth. They are not incidents of random mass casualty incidents.

    “Or perhaps Ladybay you were referring to last year when 617 people died from mass shootings?”
    No, 617 people did NOT die from MASS shootings in 2022. REFER to above links already explaining the dishonest counting process.

  7. Bekah at the risk of pointing out the obvious when one person dies from a gun injury we can accept that had the gun not been there the death may not have happened. But when 90 people die from gun injuries then clearly it is a gun problem! Bekah the location of the death is of little consequence when lax gun control laws allow the prevalence of arms throughout the country. The GVA counts a mass shooting as one were there are 4 or more victims. The FBI on the other hand makes no attempt to define a mass shootings but instead relies on mass killing (which may or may not include guns). So your data makes no attempt to refute the notion of a mass shooting but rather proffers alternative data on killings that may not include guns. When the USA comes to terms with this issue and the consequent deaths from firearms then and only then may we accept that America is just doing fine.

  8. Mint…moving the goalpost does not help you make a cogent arguement.
    I clearly showed your links claims as faulty on your original goalpost of ‘mass shootings.’
    Only a dogmatic ideologue would continue to cling to the notion that the location of where most murders occur, the inner cities of America, is about an inaminate ovject such as a gun rather than the causation of cultural systemic rot present in that particualr demographic.

  9. OK so if we’re going to be honest with each other I agree America does have a problem with violence perpetrated with guns. Gang violence, terf disputes, armed robberies, car jacking, drug crimes usually involve guns of some kind.
    These crimes are usually caused by known criminals that have revolved through the criminal justice system for years. Instead of working on the root causes of these crimes the system attacks an animate object and law abiding firearm owners.
    Lazy and ignorant people love to pass the blame on the actual problems and attack an object they hate. Well convenient as that may be it is a lie based on refusal of looking at facts about what the real causes of violence with firearms are.
    The 2nd Ammendment is not a lesser right than the 1st, 3rd, 4th or 5th as guaranteed by our US Constitution and Bill of Rights and as such is NOT something some hack politician, government agency or talking head on some fake news channel can take away from we the people.
    Also anyone that is not a LAWFUL citizen of the United States of America has nothing to say about any of this, no matter what they think……..

  10. Bekah your posts not only failed to refute my claim that 90 people died from Guns this month you yourself went on to agree with the number in your text! I can only concur with the agreement on the number. Now as for mass shootings this is simply a question of definition. The GVA uses 4 as its threshold. What’s the matter with 4 bekah? Is 4 not enough for you? Would you like to see it higher? And even if ot were higher that does not change the number of people who are dead. Sadly as I write this I am hearing of yet another mass shooting yesterday. Thankyou justme for acknowledging the gun problem.

  11. @Mintsauce
    My acknowledgement is that we have a criminal problem not a gun problem. If criminals were prosecuted for their crimes and locked away from society we wouldn’t have the issues we presently have. Americans have had access to firearms since our founding and we have not had problems until we started coddling criminals so an intelligent person can conclude the system of not seriously prosecuting them is our problem not the firearm.
    I am in favor of criminal control NOT gun control so don’t mistake my stance on this issue.
    Also if what I’m reading that you are not a legal citizen of the United States is correct then your opinion means nothing to me on this issue.
    Go solve your own country’s problems……

  12. Well Mintsauce I’m sure there are problems in your own country that you could concern yourself with because you have no say in what happens in this country.
    Not to be rude but F off

  13. I am sure Pol Pot would have loved the rest of the world to “F off” while he did what he did in Cambodia. I’m sure Adolf Hitler would have loved the rest of the world to “F off” while the final solution was being enacted. I’m certain that during the Apartheid years in South Africa the South African leadership at the time would have loved the rest of the world to “F off” on and mind their own business. But luckily in none of these cases did the rest of the world “F off” and by doing so countless lives may have been saved. Yes Americas gun problem is Americas gun problem and it is for American to solve it itself. All we can do is applaud the right steps when they are taken and as I said at the start of this, this is one small step in the right direction. A decision might I add that will be supported by many Americans

  14. Mint – I refuted the claim on Mass shootings only.
    I was correct.
    And no dear minty America does NOT have a gun problem.

    America has a cultural rot problem. America has a morality problem driven by progressive Marxist infiltration of the pillars of our society. America has ignorant people like yourself who promote propaganda as a way to justify an agenda.

    America does not have an issue with an inanimate object.

  15. @ Mintsauce
    This is my last discussion with you on this subject.
    Personally I don’t give a damn about any of your examples except for Hitler, actually it was the Japanese. My father, as well as all of my uncles served during WW2. He was 5th army unit fighting in the European Theater, we got involved because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor giving us no reason to remain neutral. If we hadn’t been attacked I am perfectly fine with not getting involved…..
    As usual Europe, who loves to bash America, needed us to go save their asses, again so we did…….. problem solved. My problem with this is American lives, American resources, American time was wasted on this, Europe still has it’s head up it’s ass and we are still paying for it.
    Pol Pot, South Africa and the rest of your examples are in my opinion are just examples of a country sticking it’s nose where it doesn’t belong, just like you seem to love to do.
    So in closing this discussion with you, I don’t know nor do I care what country you are from/in, if you are not a legal American citizen your nonsense is exactly that, nonsense and has absolutely no weight.
    Last time I was being polite but I’m past that, go solve your own problems and F off…..

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