New Zealand’s Tax System is Under the Spotlight (Again). What Needs to Change to Make it Fair?


Aotearoa New Zealand’s new Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins, has said we should look at ways to make the tax system fairer. Finance associate minister David Parker made a similar point almost a year ago, though there was little real action after his comments.

Generally, people don’t object to fairness. The problem is that we don’t all agree on what fairness looks like – especially when it comes to tax.

Nonetheless, several commentators and politicians have outlined what they believe to be the ideal structure of a fairer tax system.

Tax everyone, or tax those who earn the most?

Some of these ideas include reducing income tax rates and increasing the goods and services tax (GST).

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  1. It’s probably overdue for a review we are very dependant on our GST which I consider to be regressive in its nature

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