Best Home Defense Shotgun 2023! Who Is The NEW #1?

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  1. Are you getting more and more frustrated with your neighbors loud music? Is that woman who never picks up her dogs mess outside your house making your blood boil?
    Well, have I got the answer for you. The Winchester SXP maybe just the tool you are looking for
    Are you worried that the gun control laws won’t allow you to buy it in your state. No problem, just buy it in the state next door!
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  2. Mint had no where to go but there. lol.
    Home defense falls under a legal category minty.
    A legal standard of when one can defend their home would not meet your dribble dropped into the comment section.

  3. I’m a big fan of shotguns and I have a few but I won’t go to saying it’s the perfect home defense weapon. Situations vary from house to house and home owner or resident. Shotguns by design are somewhat long in length and depending chambering will have significant recall. Also choice of shell can be confusing; bird shot, double O or slug ????? All have advantages and disadvantages in close range situations.
    I personally prefer a handgun for inside the home use, it’s compact, easier to move around the house with and will have many more rounds available than a shotgun. Although I have to admit I do love my Mossberg M 500

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