EAT MORE BUGS EXCLUSIVE: Natural News Releases High-Magnification Photos Of What Is In Our Snacks

(Natural News) (Natural News exclusive) – Various forms of crickets are now being sold for human consumption as part of the disingenuous “climate cult” lunacy that pretends if enough humans eat bugs, we will change the weather.

While the meat supply chain is being destroyed by governments who claim nitrogen is evil — yes, the very same governments that still claim carbon dioxide is a pollutant even though it’s the pillar of photosynthesis — we’re all being told to eat crickets and mealworms to save the planet.

See the related story, “Europeans will soon be eating bugs after mealworms get the green light from food regulators.”

Right now, various forms of crickets — cricket “cheesy ranch” snacks, cricket powder and cricket protein powder — are sold on and labeled for human consumption.

We purchased three brands of crickets for human consumption — Cricket Bites, Entomo and Bud’s — plus one brand labeled for consumption by reptiles: Fluker’s.

Here’s a closer look at the brands we purchased and the video microscope setup we are using at our food science lab:

We proceeded to take microscopy photographs at magnifications ranging from 50X to 300X.

Here are some microscopy photos of Entomo Farms’ Cricket Protein Powder, which is labeled as, “The planet’s most sustainable superfood.” Many cricket products are also labeled dairy-free, non-GMO, paleo friendly and gluten-free.

None of them are labeled chitin-free, however, since they are loaded with chitin, part of the exoskeletons of crickets and bugs. Consuming chitin carries its own risks for humans and dogs, but we aren’t covering that in this article.

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  1. Lady Bay
    I’ve had fried crickets down in Mexico, it actually wasn’t bad, just kinda weird…..
    Also, anyone who’s eaten street food in Mexico or several Asian countries has had bugs, it’s not listed on the menu it’s just in the food….. just a heads up on this.

  2. Free will I say.
    If one wants to gear their food consuption towards bugs so be it.
    Many cultures around the world for centuries have incorporated plant and insect life into menus.
    Where I draw the line is when governments use force to dictate what we can and cannot consume to stay alive. Especially, when done so for a transparently absurd propagandized agenda to grab power and control over masses.

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