NEW BILL: Social Security 2023… YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS!! Biden is a Liar!


Social Security SSI SSDI SSA Low Income Update – Senator Rick Scott introduces a new bill to protect Social Security & Medicare.

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  1. Xiden is a liar , nobody that’s been awake for the last 30 years already knew that. A lying blow hard idiot that has been in a government job all his life and has done nothing but steal, lie and cheat while talking tough while being a protected whimp

  2. It seems to me that Rick Scott has dropped the ball here by presenting a bill that allowed for the sunsetting of Medicare and social security. Mr Biden pounced on that in his SOTU address and RIck Scott has quickly drafted up a new Bill that makes his position clear. I can accept that the intent of the original bill was not to freeze Medicare and social security, but politics is a dirty business, and his republican colleagues are a bit miffed that his original bill gave the opposition a free hit.

  3. I’m no fan of Rick Scott at all but no matter what he or any other republican did Xiden would still lie…… it’s the only thing besides steal he’s done his whole political career……. Xiden is bottom feeding trash

  4. If ONLY Mint would read and watch videos in articles the comments posted by mint might be credible.
    Total oblivious response to video of Biden calling for wiping out Medicare and SS…lol.

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