Today’s Must Watch: Indoctrination 101- On Their Knees They Sell The Delusion Complete With Emotional Childhood Triggers

Meet Dylan Mulvaney. This is a trans-activist who is a carefully birthed Tik Tok sensation whose entire schtick is to promote a delusion for our youth to buy into. Just a small random sampling of Dylan’s content including pimping for the Democrat party in the oval office with Biden – will expose the agenda and mental illness on parade.

Positive? Joy? Hardly. Dylan mocks women, men, Conservatives, Christians, Republicans, and youth on a consistent basis. In fact, the malignant narcissist and snark factor is off the charts.
Meet Drew Barry Barrymore, a recovering addict, actress, and self-loathing female. Note how they crumple into one another on the floor like some tweens on Friday night sleepovers. None of this is authentic and all is scripted. It is sick and twisted.

Matt Walsh sums it up perfectly:


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  1. Ah Dylan….the post boy (yes, he’s a boy) for the malignantly narcissistic Left.

    Prancing around, making a mockery of girls and women, talking about his ‘Barbie pocket’ and gushing about how he can ‘absolutely’ birth a child. All in an effort to say, ‘Look at me.’ It garners him attention. The Left encourages him because he’s pushing their nihilist fantasy du jour. The latest useful idiot clown in their twisted circus. They’ll dump him when they’re done.

    What happens when the attention goes away, Dylan? Where are you and your mental illness going to go then?

  2. Lets introduce this freaky guy to Paul Pelosi’s freaky hammer guy and see what happens. I’m betting at some point hammer guy is gonna go for it and bang bang Maxwell’s silver hammer comes down on his/her head!!!! Bang bang Maxwell’s silver hammer will make sure he was and you know the rest.

  3. Having watched both videos and as a woman, I do not see Dylan as making a mockery of women. She may well be making a mockery of some people (men and women) who see her as a threat, but not of women in general.
    Matt Walsh on the other hand shows his shallowness in his tirade of projection about what other people feel about her. He does not know how others feel he only knows how he feels and a more honest position would have been for him to say so.
    The only way to know how someone feels about another person or issue is to ask them. Matt Walsh Cleary has not done so.

  4. I thought the multitude of people showing how they feel about Dylan was pretty overwhelming and spot on. Also what they thought about Drew Barrymore as well.
    For me these are two terribly damaged people and no one should feed into their twisted acting out.

    Here is a sampling :
    “Watch mother of two daughters @DrewBarrymore on @DrewBarrymoreTV prostrate herself to a failed male actor who has created a career for himself parodying regressive tropes of femininity. As a fan of hers from ET, Poison Ivy to Wedding Singer this is…disappointing,” observed Sky News-Australia contributor Katherine Deves.”

    “This guy takes a stereotype of a woman, and wears it as a costume. It’s the equivalent of wearing blackface, or appropriating someone else’s culture. It’s offensive,- Rt lutz ”

    “Drew Barrymore has been an embarrassment for years.
    Now she’s kneeling to the man that is making a mockery of the entire female gender. Incredible.Savanah Hernandez”

    “Did you learn how to be a good little woman yet Drew Barrymore?Jean Hatchet”

    “Tragic. A woman, who, as a young girl had her childhood stolen from her by Hollywood, feels the need to pretend that a man, who is making a fortune larping as his warped idea of how ‘girls’ act, has anything in common with her. Julie Scott”

    “Pure Narcissism. mysinformed”

    “Women are once again kneeling at the feet of men. I personally love the Trans movement. It’s just misogyny with more steps. Thank you wine moms for being trans allies and making this happen,” tweeted podcaster Royce Lopez.”

    ““Ahh we’re at the literal kneeling stage now, not just figuratively. I suppose this is peak transallyship right? ‘Worship us as your betters, only then will you be a truly good person’… I got knee problems not bending to this bullshit. Ever,” wrote writer Arté.”

    “what Barrymore did even worse. Apparently as an actor Mulvaney has tried many different shticks before landing on the one that got him attention from the likes of Biden, Ulta Beauty, and the Forbes Power Women’s Summit. Read this detailed analysis of Mulvaney’s “transition” over the years from one character to another, and then watch the below video from Blaire White, who is also transgender but who frequently calls out the radicals in the LGBTQ community for what they are”

    Chris Longford on thread –

    Blaire White, who is also transgender gets Dylan’s number –

  5. This guy is a deviant who should be monitored for his apparent desire to haunt female restrooms and his need to show off his genitalia to unsuspecting females. He seems to get thrilled by the prospect of shocking girls and ladies with his confusion. He has the earmarks of a predator. Matt has him pegged spot on.
    Truly an individual in need of help and to be kept from the innocent.

  6. It would be fun to watch the reaction it would have when one of the women he exposes himself to hits his winky with a stun gun a few times…….

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