DAVENPORT, IOWA - MARCH 13: Former President Donald Trump speaks at the Adler Theatre on March 13, 2023 in Davenport, Iowa. Trump's visit follows those by potential challengers for the GOP presidential nomination, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who hosted events in the state last week. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Trump Vows to Cut Federal Funding For Schools Teaching CRT or ‘Transgender Insanity’

The former president said his plans on education include more school choice, parental rights and cuts to schools that teach critical race theory.

In his first visit to Iowa since announcing a 2024 presidential bid, former President Donald Trump laid out what he wants for American schools should he win: universal school choice, changes in school curriculum, elected school principals and to “break up” the U.S. Department of Education.

“This is what must be done to save our country from destruction,” said Trump to the crowd in Davenport, Iowa, during a speech intended to address education, among other priorities of his campaign. Republicans, including one of Trump’s expected rivals, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, have seized on culture wars in education as a way to make inroads with prospective voters.

Trump, who spoke about a host of issues before turning to education, said he will cut federal funding for any school pushing “critical race theory,” “transgender insanity” or “any other inappropriate racial, sexual or political content on our children.”


What are Trump’s other education plans?

  • On COVID-19 regulations: “I will not give one penny to any school that has a vaccine mandate or mask mandate from kindergarten through college.”
  • On student achievement following school closures: “We will be the administration that commits to get the kids back on track and quickly… This must be our priority. It has to be.”
  • On school leaders: He said he will “support the direct election of school principals by the parents.”
  • On the bureaucracy of the U.S. education system: “Breaking up the Department of Education is a very simple thing to do.”
  • On school curriculum: “What they’re teaching in schools today is insane.”
  • On transgender students participating in sports based on their gender identity: “People are seriously in favor of having it done, and I don’t understand it.”
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  1. On Mr Trumps education plans:
    1.Masks have been proven to be very effective at slowing down the spread of COVID19. IF you want proof trying blowing out a candle with a mask on. But for something a bit more scientific
    2. Totally agree
    3. Would you expect the passengers of a plane to elect a pilot? Or the patients of a hospital to elect a surgeon. School leadership is a complex demanding job, not a popularity contest!
    4) Breaking a plate is a very simple thing to do too. Doesn’t mean its the right thing to do!
    5) Does he mean Math, Science, and English? not sure
    6) IF Mr Trump doesn’t understand it its prolly best that he doesn’t comment on it.

  2. The problem we face is we have a bunch of permanent unelected garbage in government and no matter who gets elected the trash stays…… We have to remove all of those from any office or job in government…… federal agencies that answer to no one, not even congress have to go…….donors and “investors” should not have a seat in governmental offices…… nothing but a full cleaning of all of this and more will change anything
    The list is long and the time is short…….

  3. Trump had triggered our ‘so called teacher” Mint from NZ. Bravo Trump!
    1. Masks are totally ineffective against Covid and variances – PERIOD!
    The C.D.C. concedes that cloth masks do not protect against the virus as effectively

    3. No other persons have a greater interest in educating their child than a parent, and principle selection should have full parental buy in per county school board – locally.
    4. Bye Bye Felicia – Abolish Dept of education — local local local . Stroke of a pen. All dollars attched to student and state and local counties will compete for those dollars. Performance and standards baby. Merit crushes woke lunacy- child wins!
    5. You know exactly what he means – DEI and CRT.
    6. Trump is on target will all polling. Americans overwhelmingly do not support bio males competing against bio females or vice versa.
    Perhaps it is you , Minty, that should not comment on what they do not undertsand!

  4. Bekah. Did you try blowing out a candle with a mask on? Give it go it’ll convince you that masks are effective at slowing down spread as indeed most of your links concur.
    Bekah no other person has greater interest in the safety of a plane than its passengers. That doesn’t mean they get to elect the pilot!

  5. Where is The Great Wizard of Oz when you need a brain …
    Mint, I swear you could make a good Christian fly into the arms of the devil , if doing so would make your idiocracy stop!
    FYI, your Mayo Clinic link is dated 2022 and does not reflect the CDC revisions since massive studies were released indicating the fallacy masks protect from covid.

    Airflow is how a candle is blown out . Airflow made of Oxygen molecules. O2 molecules have a specific diameter or size mint. Cloth masks block mass airflow of o2 molecules but not all microparticles on board. In ones’ airflow ( inspiration and exparation) ones large 02 molecules can be stopped or diminished in movement through a cloth mask- but if one has also microparticles of vapor with tiny covid microparticles those will freely pass through cloth masks non impeded.
    For the impaired…

    The allowance for surgical masks made more sense when scientists initially thought the virus was spread by large droplets. But research shows that it is spread by minuscule viral particles that can linger in the air as long as 16 hours. Governments enacted mask mandates based on the false assumption that C-19 is mainly transmitted by large droplets generated by coughing, sneezing, and spittle – which all are larger particles than Covid 19 or variances.

    Surgical masks, designed to protect patients from a surgeon’s respiratory droplets, aren’t effective at blocking particles smaller than 100 microns, according to the mask maker 3M. A Covid-19 particle is smaller than 0.1 micron. Hence we breathe in and out these micoparticles when wearing cloth masks.

    It is about size mint!
    And no mint all the article links I gave you did NOT state that masks are effective at slowing down spread – you would know that, and that Covid ‘s micro particles are too small to stop through a cloth mask, if you had bothered to read through the links. Only one did , the New York Times trying to have the CDC ‘s back when they were finally forced to wall back the mask mandate.

    So put your little mask on and virtue signal, blow blow blow that candle and get nowhere …but if you have covid or someone near you does -both of you will exchange those microparticles through our masks with high risk of infection as the candles glow remains.

  6. I think where you are getting confused Bekah is that you may be thinking i am claiming that masks stop COVID 19. No, what I and most of the scientific community are demonstrating is that masks slow down the rate of transmission. as evidenced here
    and here

    Any thing that comes out of the mouth or nose is being carried within that mass of air. Even if those COVID molecules can penetrate the mask the slowing down of the air mass means they too will be slowed and have less chance of reaching someone else on the (For instance) the other side of a table.
    Bekah the covid molecule has not grown little wings that allows it to propel itself through the air!!! it needs to be carried by an air mass. That Bekah is how masks work.
    Without going through each one at a time the links that you put up claim that masks wont stop covid (agree) and masks may not be as effective as some people have claimed (agree).

  7. 1. You insepid creature , now that you have been shown to be absolutely void of any updated knowledge on the issue you clap back that I misuderstood the claim you were making.
    Nope. I never assumed you were claiming Covid transmission was stopped. I did not assume anything, I comprehended what you wrote about slowing down rate of transmission. For those other than Mint playing along ….does that make sense? We had higher covid rates in populations most vaxxed and mask mandates across all countries who fed into the both fallacies. Slow the rate of spread failed deary …miserably.

    2. Two of your links date back to 2021 and one 2022. None of them are updated with the latest bomshell evidence of studies which forced the CDC to change their policy. One is a pitiful attempt to debunk one study in early 2023 – it failed to do so.

    3. Vaporized areosol….can you dig deep and comprehend ? That moves with all current of air not just breath – you ill informed fool. Covid 19 and omnicron was found in vapor aresol up to 16 days after a patient expelled said micro particles in the air – you would know this you itsit if you bothered to read any of the links provided. Covid does not need wings CHILD- it moves as areosol vaopr not DROPLETS from cough or sneeze etc and freely enters through cloth masks in and out in air flow. There is air flow present Mint in rooms when no human being is ….my holy blank blank blank …You are the most vapid creature on our threads and most utterly daft.

    I will not clog this thread addressing your sheer nonsense any further.

  8. We all know masks don’t work, never has so arguing that with a clueless troll is a waste of time, just delete the lies of the troll and move on…..

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