Today’s Must Watch: Woke Addicted – Jonesing Teacher Panics And Objects To Having Hidden Material Taught To Our Kids Reviewed – Why?

Common sense: When the school doesn’t want you to see what they want the kids to see, you know there’s a problem. Why would any teacher ever object to the review of material being taught to our kids?

The Florida education changes do not forbid any book. The changes are a series of policies that empower parents to require School Boards to be accountable for knowing what is being taught in the classroom. It is county specific and each county School Board along with parents reviews the material and jointly decides what is age appropriate and what is valid history to be taught to their students Why fear what the media specialist may find on review?

Again, how is empowering parents to know what their child is being taught a bad thing in any universe? Forcing the School Boards to be accountable for material and exposure in classrooms is also the least standard one should be able to uphold.

The propaganda, panic, and pure desperation in these teachers to have autonomy with no eyes on the material they are exposing kids to is about indoctrination ,not education.

We live in a country that presently requires an eleven-year-old elementary shool child to confront the School Board on the pornographic smut being pushed on him.

Do not tell me this teacher and those like him lying about what policies have been put in place to keep our children safe and healthy is a safe and healthy choice to teach our kids.

The vile lie that some overly religious puritans or right-wingers are taking over the curriculum and removing all great novels that mention romance or sex is false. It is about age-appropriate content for the grade level. The propaganda that the history of slavery is being erased is also false. But Cultural marxist principles replacing accurate American history will now be publicly reviewed and removed if warranted.

Oh how thee doth protest!

Bravo Florida and Governor DeSantis for protecting children and empowering parents to keep their kids safe. All states need to follow suit.

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  1. There is absolutely no reason any type of adult reading materials, pictures or videos should be in a public library, especially school libraries. If a person of legal age chooses to view this type of material they can do so at home purchased from a private business……..

  2. It seems to me the problem that has been created is that now the possibility exists for school boards to exorcise reading material from schools that does not sit comfortably with their flavour of indoctrination. Imagine a school board for instance dominated by a group of religious parents who objected to the teaching of evolution. Or climate change deniers or other flat earther types.
    safeguards already exist, to make sure inappropriate teaching does not happen in Florida schools. Occasional those safeguards are breeched in which case complaints can be laid. The second video demonstrates this complaints process in action.
    It seems to me this is less about protection of children but more about orwellian big brother flexing his muscle.

  3. The troll is constantly wrong, no surprise there
    It should go pollute it’s own kids and leave ours alone

  4. “safeguards already exist”

    Mint, no they did not hence teachers were hiding what was being exposed and taught in their classrooms. That was the point of the entire article!
    And no Mint, this is not allowing any one faction of parents with an ideological agenda to chose what is read or not. Again, you are ill informed.
    This is the safeguard. All material must be logged and made known to the school board. The parents and the board will review for ahe appropriateness and historical accuracy. The second video is not even in FLorida. It is an example of how badly the teachers are lying about what is being taught as an LGBTQ agenda across America.

    FYI , fire back at will, you still will not be in the ballpark. Just know I will not clog of the board by answering anything on this thread you may reply.

  5. And who is on this school board? Parents? Parents with an agenda? It can not be denied that this possibility exists.

  6. Why would any ” educator” assume a parent in their community elected to a school board would be a negative thing? All Parents have agendas – they want to protect, defend, and assure quality education for their children. Oh the horror!

    From the National School Board Association:

    About School Board and Local Governance
    School Board Members
    School board members are the unsung heroes in communities throughout the country. They establish the vision and goals for the public schools in their district, and they set standards for the performance of schools and superintendents.

    Most school board members are elected by people in their community to represent their values, views, and desires for the public schools in their district. As selected leaders in their community, they consistently communicate with the public to keep community members abreast of challenges, ideas, and progress.

    School board members are tasked with an important responsibility: educating nearly 50 million children – almost nine out of every 10 students – who receive their education in public schools. Board members are more than policy-makers and administrators; they are advocates for students and their parents and entrusted to engineer a better future.

    The Importance of Local Governance in Public Schools
    There are six key reasons why local governance is the best way to advance public education:

    Education is not a line item in a school board’s budget—it is the only item.
    The school board represents the community’s voice in public education, providing citizen governance and knowledge of the community’s resources and needs, and board members are the policy-makers closest to the student.
    The school board sets the standard for achievement in the school district, incorporating the community’s view of what students should know and be able to accomplish at each grade level.
    The school board is accessible to everyone in the community and is accountable for the performance of the schools in the district.
    It is the community member’s right as a voter to select new board members who will work diligently to provide an opportunity for students to receive a high-quality education, which will enable them to succeed in their career, college, and life.
    The school board is the community’s education watchdog, ensuring that taxpayers get the most for their tax dollars.

  7. Bekah thankyou for your commentary but I think most of us know what a school boards job is. The concern is that with this new (and unnecessary) legislation school boards, (who, lets not forget are elected officials not necessarily education professionals) have the power to veto teaching materials that they feel do not suit their agenda. Yes that could include, evolution, climate science, and sexuality education. (I’m sure the list goes on)
    Leave education to the education professionals. It is not true to state that there are no safeguards around unsafe teaching already in place. There are. But this untruth will be propagated in order to force through this Orwellian Big brother oversight.

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