Welcome to Right Wire Report. We are a group of concerned conservative citizens ready to take action to promote conservative values and work for a better America and with our supporters around the world. Here is a statement of our values – click here.

The name for our aggregate site, the Right Wire Report, was chosen as a declarative statement that reflects our motto “The Truth be told.” The word Right refers to correct and accurate. The word Wire refers to a news wire, and the word Report refers to an organized summary portal. The purpose of our brand is to correct the record when needed and provide content that, if not opinion, is sourced and factual.

Currently, there are no good aggregators that allow for third-party submissions. Especially for the up-and-coming website/authors. There are some aggregators already, but most are merely automated feeds of other major websites.

The Right Wire Report uses a “payment for posting” model to induce activity, whereby Members may post to us for payments. Our objective is to become the number one, third-party conservative website aggregator while promoting the conservative agenda with our Members and Strike Force communities. Specifically, we strive to:

  • Promote the Right Wire Report Membership postings on our website.
  • Build a community, Strike Force, to enable conservative activism.

Here is our current team. Please note that our current team is by no means a closed club, and new members are encouraged to join.


Team Member: Function(s):
KevSpirited Author, Paltalk Admin
Brenda Author, Podcaster
Fhz48 (Frank) Paltalk Super Admin
Bekahlyons (Bekah Lyons) Editor in Chief, Author, Podcaster, Paltalk Admin
Blueday9 Podcaster, Paltalk Admin
Jefferson Thomas Author
BlueAgent007 Webmaster, Author, Paltalk Admin,
Chatman77a Paltalk Super Admin
BFskinnerpunk Paltalk Admin
Jeine Paltalk Admin
carolinaclp_3 Paltalk Admin
fishnbthemission Paltalk Admin
stompie Author
ladybay_tn Author, Paltalk Admin
rea1955 Paltalk Admin
salt_water_cowgirl54 Author, Paltalk Admin
rleach1246 Paltalk Admin
California_Brunette29 Paltalk Admin
MisterNico101 Paltalk Admin
ZZinTX Author, Paltalk Admin
Staucie Lee Author
Sgt. Rock Author
wildwoodusofa Paltalk Admin
Lady1950 Paltalk Admin
Jeine Paltalk Admin
Zero Calorie Paltalk Admin
lr999 Paltalk Admin
topical_creme Paltalk Admin
msa_dippie3 Paltalk Admin
hammer0938 Paltalk Admin
melmac24 Paltalk Admin
ElliottSmith2010 Paltalk Admin
Glenn Almighty Paltalk Admin
AndAone Paltalk Admin
buffy_liberal_slayer Paltalk Admin
Liam Salvatore Author
Don Boys, Ph.D. Author
Tom Williams Author
Tatyana Larina Author
Boomerang Jack Author
Bascott O’Connor Author
Members Participate in providing content from 3rd parties.

Here are our current web statistics. Please note that we do use pseudo names to protect the identity of our team members and their families. Unfortunately, those that oppose truth seek to harm those that promote truth.