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The Right Wire Report offers interesting advertising opportunities for advertisers to reach a specific target audience. Our users are mostly politically active from a conservative ideology from a variety of special interests. Being conservative, our users tend to be avid online users that are engaged to use quality online e-commerce sites and respond to offers for other engaging content.

Our target audience is about 88% from the US, 6% in the UK, and the rest from other English-speaking areas of the world. Demographics feature 55% male and 45% female and 87% with ages of 25 or greater.

We offer three types of ad spaces and are charged on a CPM basis listed below. Our ad servers will distribute multiple advertisers over our ad spaces, whereby advertiser page views are counted and based on the actual rendering of your ad, not the ad space itself.

Right Wire Report page header 750×200. This appears on all page and post pages of our web site.
CPM rates: $1.50 to $3.00 depending on volume purchase.
Right Wire Report page list 720×90. This appears on page lists of posts.
CPM rates: $1.00 to $2.00 depending on volume purchase.
Right Wire Report post page right sidebar 300×250. This appears on all post pages.
CPM rates: $1.00 to $2.00 depending on volume purchase.

Advertising payments can be made via PayPal. A minimum ad purchase of $100.00 is required. Please contact us to get more information concerning our advertising rates and policies.