Welcome to the Right Wire Report – Paltalk Chat Room

The Right Wire Report is a news and political chat room use to build our community and messages for our website – a clearinghouse point for our website staff and others who wish to help us and join in.

  • Discussion of the news events and political issues of the day.
  • Selection of ideas for articles for our website.
  • Discussion of improvements to our website content.
  • Use of rebroadcasting audio and text chat as a video and/or podcasts.
  • Coordination and reporting of our activities.
  • Come bring your ideas!

Yes, we are looking to expand our team – see here and join our Strike Force team. Want to contribute to our website? Contact us to be a contributor or talk to a Paltalk admin to learn more. If you would like a more permanent platform to express your views, please consider being a Member of the Right Wire Report. You also may connect with us via social media – see our website footer for links.

Please note that this chat room is monitored and may be simulcast on our website, live or in recorded formats.

Chat room rules:

    • This is not an insult or fight room. We understand that chatters may become passionate and speak forcibly toward other chatters on their ideas. But repetitive insults with no real context or point, other than to degrade other chatters should not be done.
    • No posting of personal information – this is for your own safety.
    • No text/voice scrolling to spam the room with repetitive text/voice out of context or blatant lies in an effort to trigger personal fights with other chatters.
    • No N-words, or constant race-baiting to troll the room. Please have professional respect for all races, nationalities, genders, and your fellow human beings.
    • We understand that an occasional F-bomb and other offensive words may occur – just keep it to a minimum. (No “N” “C” or “P” word)
    • No wind-baggers or chatters that try to dominate the conversation with trolling remarks that lose the context of any reasonable chat.
    • No cams or nudity. Cams for specific contexts may be allowed by admins.
    • Be respectful of time on the mic (2 min. mic when hands are up), unless no one else is on the talk list. Admins may violate this rule at times.
    • Please no jumping the mic – yes, sometimes people don’t see next on the mic (especially mobile users), but please try.
    • No music or playing of clips unless it is within the context and/or approved by the admins (please keep to just short sound bites of 30 seconds).
  • You are free to come into our chat room and leave – we will not try to own you. You may talk of other rooms, but not to trash talk them. Trolling the room, however, in an effort to try to wean chatters from the chat room is not allowed.
  • Though we are a conservative group (see our values), all political persuasions are welcome to debate. Yes, free speech, so long as it has a point and is kept professional.
  • An often question asked is – what about the topic of religion? It is not off-limits, as religion is part of history and culture that can drive politics. However, this is not a religious room to debate/argue Biblical (or any other religious texts) doctrine or convert (preach) to people to a religion. Keep religious discussion within this context.
  • Respect always the Paltalk ToS.
  • Please review our ToS and Privacy Policy at the Right Wire Report.
  • Violations of these Paltalk chat room rules could result in a warning, red dot, bounce, or then a ban.

Note: This page will be updated as required.