This Guide outlines in more detail for the Right Wire Report Poster. As we get more questions on our website “post for payment” aggregator website program we will update accordingly. So please do check back from time to time. Please review our Terms of Service.

Please see the following table of posting types and their associated payout amounts:

Links, Images, Memes, Polls, Audio, Videos, and Embeds $0.20 per post
Story Minor $1.00 per post
Story Major $4.00 per post

Please note the Editor may downgrade or upgrade the post based on the relevance of the content. Note that daily and monthly limits apply.

Typically when writing a story post:

  1. First, start with an SPS (specific purpose statement/sentence) – what is your point?
  2. Then build your points in the body of the post with citations (links, videos, factoids, charts, etc …).
  3. Build to a conclusion and summarize it with relevance, a call to action, or a summary.
  4. Then go back and write the catchy intro – anecdotal event, a shocking fact, or provocative question. Your post should be at least 1 page but generally not more than 3.
  5. Make a catchy title – yes a little bit of clickbait.
  6. Select a clear relevant feature image … greater than 700 to 800px in width and proportional height.

In terms of the post technicals:

  1. You can refer to other content but add value and not just repost existing articles without some original content. Provide citations where you make assertions.
  2. Select at least 1 but not more than three category(ies). Categories merely organize the post posts into sections on our website (e.g. News, Politics, …). This is similar to what section of a book store (i.e. history, religion, news, etc …). Think of it as a vertical organization of posts.
  3. Enter generally 1 to 5 tags. In the tag entry field, type the first three letters and use the suggestions. Let’s not have three different tags for the same thing. Tags generally cut across categories in their taxonomy. Think of it as a horizontal organization of posts.
  4. Ensure your article is technically well formated. This includes a good feature photo, other proper photos, embeds (YouTube, Twitter, etc …), and hyperlinks that are well-formed.

Then submit your story to our Editors.

Yes, the Editor may choose to modify your title and/or text. But will not change the essence of your story. If the story is not adequate, it would be just not be accepted.

Changes to this policy can be considered on an exception basis.

Posting on the Right Wire Report does require the User to select a Category the posting will appear. Categories are associated with the menu selection on the header of our Website. The User can select one or more Categories, but should not be more than three. Please make them the most meaningful as possible, and do note that the Editor may adjust your selection accordingly.

Hashtags (#), though not required are a good idea. It will improve the SEO ranking of the User’s posts and hence more views. The suggestion is to have short “one-word” hashtags. Between 2 to 5 hashtags are best practices and should be as meaningful as possible. Try to reuse hashtags that are most common to similar posts – this will drive more views to your post.

Posting on the Right Wire Report does require a featured photo. You may want to also add images to your postings. The file size limits are 2MB, but 500KB or less should be your average file size. Acceptable image types are .gif, .jpg, and png files. Good image dimensions are 500px (width) by 800px (height). Please respect this aspect ratio for best rendering.

Please also use meaningful file names. Uploading filenames like “XcuGth.jpg” or “default.jpg” will not have a good SEO rating and make your posting less visible. The suggestion is to rename the file to something more meaningful.

If you need a service to share files and images via URL links from a Webservice, here are a few that work well with no sign-ups required with reasonable filesize allowances.

If you have other suggestions feel free to send us the tip – contact us.

Original content is content that you have created yourself. This may be content that originates from other sources under Fair Use, but where you have added to it to make new content that adds original value.

Original content implies that the Right Wire Report has exclusive rights to the material to publish on our website for a period of 48 hours before it appears on other websites where the originator has given permission to do so. A Poster may still post articles if not the case, but the classification would be considered a Link and not an original story.

The Right Wire Report can not use copy writer materials in other cases.

If you are would like to be a dedicated author, please request us to upgrade your login to an “Author” permission level to access backed editing tools to make your work be more productive. Once upgraded, please either find the “Admin” link on the footer of our website for access – or click here.

The following are some but not limited to reasons for not accepting a Poster’s post:

  • Not in keeping with Our Values of the Right Wire Report.
  • Offensive content that may be considered Hate Speech.
  • Lack of relevance.
  • Lack of timeliness.
  • Poorly sourced with few or non-credible citations.
  • Duplicate content from other Posters.
  • Poorly written (i.e. too many miss-spelled words and grammatical errors).
  • Poor quality of photos.
  • Poor quality of text formatting.
  • Malformed technical HTML edits.
  • Improper categories or #hashtags on posts.
  • Violates our Terms of Service.

Please note that the Editor does not validate posting limits, this is done by algorithm each day at 00.00.01 EST.

Post submissions are typically accepted within four and eight hours – time-dependent. Sometimes earlier. Nighttime postings tend to take longer.

You can see in your login area what the status of your posts are, by seeing the “Pending” posts section of your account profile. If it is still in the queue – it is “Pending.” You may also see the payout amounts in the “Statistics” menu option of your account profile.

Due to the many postings we get, we can not notify you of each of these occurrences. If you do not see the acceptance of your posting within 24 hours, or you no longer see your posting in the “Pending” state in the “Submission” menu item in the “Settings” part of your profile – it has not been accepted.

The decision of the Editors is final. We can not get into a back and forth email discussion on each post submission. Over time you may want to have a general discussion with an Editor on acceptance policies to guide your future posts.

Please see the following table to see the daily posting limits:

Links, Images, Memes, Polls, Audios, and Embeds 2 per day
Story Minor and Major 2 per day

Please note that one category of posts does not negate the other. One could theoretically post 2 Links and provide 2 Stories in total each day. This does not mean you can not post more than these limits – these limits apply to Poster payments only.

Please see the following table to see the monthly posting limits:

Links, Images, Memes, Polls, Audios, and Embeds 40 per month
Story Minor and Major 20 per month

Please note that one category of posts does not negate the other. One could theoretically post 40 Links and provide 20 Stories in total per month. This does not mean you can not post more than these limits – these limits apply to Poster payments only.

When you register as a Member at the Right Wire Report, we record this as your monthly cycle start date. For example, if you register on the 12th of the month, we will compute your payout amounts for your account on that date every month from then on each month.

The minimum payout is $50.00. If you do not reach this amount in a said month, the amount of this said month (at 00.00.01 EST) will be rolled into the next month until you reach the $50.00 threshold.

Though we generally pay promptly, please allow up to 15 business days for payment. You will receive an email each month giving you a report of your activities, as well as you, may view your account “Statistics” from your account profile.

Currently, the Right Wire Report uses PayPal as our payment processor. Other payment processors may be considered in the future. Ensure that when you register that you use a valid PayPal email. Payments cannot be made otherwise.

Click our Partner With Us link to see all these ways to integrate with the Right Wire Report that goes beyond our normal front-end submission process. These include:

  • Submit posts by email.
  • WordPress posts submission plugin.
  • API interface to submit posts.
  • How to integrate our posts on your website.
  • RSS integrations.
  • A Widget that you may place on your website.

Please review our Terms of Service. If you have further questions, please feel free to Contact Us.