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Alexander W. Reyes

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I don't claim to be a conservative, because believing in the rules place by our Founding Fathers endowed by our creator should not have any terminology other than the believer of basic human rights.

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Alexander W. Reyes is an American patriot from Minnesota, he has studied Spanish and Human Services. During his college career, Mr.Reyes lead a Pro-Life group which managed to receive around 2 thousand dollars during his 2-year leadership.

Alex now resides in the Washington D.C. area, where he has written for the Media Research Center and has appeared on LifeNews and the Washington Times

Currently, Mr. Reyes is working with the Public Advocate of the U.S. defending the family’s personal values of tradition. He hopes to stay connected with fellow Pro-Lifers and Patriots who want to see the change America needs, one child at a time.


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