Liam Salvatore

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  • I wonder if the yearly Norad Santa Tracker under the Biden Admin will be taken down in an authoritarian move against Santa if he crosses Fauci off his list. Vaccine efficacy, though low, is comparatively higher than Fauci’s ability to tell the truth. His nose has grown so long, that if a red bulb were attached to it, he could guide Santa’s sleigh.…[Read more]

  • The media never rests.  They tirelessly crusade to protect members of the Democrat party and, more importantly, to ignore, or delete from the record, anything that could tarnish leftwing political narratives and […]

  • Attorney General Merrick Garland has won this week’s Woke Award for becoming the despotic King of leftist social activism. He is the top law enforcement officer in the United States who has chosen to carry the […]

    • He’s trying to get even with conservatives for blocking his entrance into the Supreme Court. Democrats politicize the role of the Attorney General. In summary, they are convinced that what they believe is indisputably right and any opposition to it is indisputably wrong. But what is particularly funny about that is that their views change. So now what was indisputably right 10 years ago is now indisputably wrong. As an example, 10 years ago, they would have complained loudly about boys/men participating in women’s sports. Now, they are all for it. At some point in the past, they would have opposed CRT; now, they are fully onboard with it.