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Ratnesh Dwivedi

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Awarded Academic*NASA Certified Scientist*Awarded Intel & Def Expert*Shares Board With Noble Winner Richard J Roberts,Wole Soyinka,Eric Maskin & Daniel Kahneman*Writes to Pres,PMs,Intel Agencies

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Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi is an Awarded Academic by Russian Communication Association.He has an Earned Ph.D. in Terrorism & Media(Coverage & Operation of BBC & CNN during 9/11 & 26/11) and 3 Honorary Doctorates and have authored and presented 43 research papers,Well Known Author of 25 Books, Writer with Russian International Affairs Council,Moscow,Global Ethics Network,Carnegie Council,Washington,DemCast,USA ,Right Wire Report and Stringers Hub,Belarus. Have seven Honors from NASA, Has been awarded as Best Sec,Intel & Def Expert by OSI Intelligence USA and also Peace Prize Winner with Center for Peace Studies,Colombo. He is Advisory Board Member with Life Boat Foundation,USA where he shares board with Noble Laureates.


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