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Right Wire Report is looking to expand its reach. We are looking to syndicate our material on other web properties. We believe our stories can add value to your users and increase your user engagement. Content created by Right Wire Report is available for re-publication without charge under the Creative Commons license. About our content:

  • All material is original content, except where noted, and with source citations where appropriate.
  • Our writers provide original content that adds value – not just a copy-paste of another author’s material.
  • We ensure that no “offensive speech” is used not to get banned from social media platforms.
  • Our articles are checked via Grammarly with a 90% score or better unless errors come from quotes.
  • Each post comes with post tags and SEO meta tags completed.
  • We place a link on our articles at the bottom of each post:  RWR original article syndication source and should be left on our content articles if syndicated on other websites.


  • Our content can be shared via link or integrated directly on your site.
  • One can automate the integration via our RSS feed ( These are articles with the category “RWR” designation (The Right Wire Report exclusive content). Member posts are not included in this feed unless the Right Wire Report Editors feel it is appropriate as RWR exclusive content.
  • We provide a mechanism to submit your post via email – see below.
  • We provide tools such as a WordPress “one-click” submission plugin, API interface, and a Widget – see below.
  • Please contact us if you have other mechanisms.

Note: We do publish monthly statistics here. Please see our Terms of Service and contact us for further information.

Submit your posts via email:

First, you must have a member account in order to use this mechanism – register here. The dedicated email to send your posts to is Below is a detailed example and explanation of how to format your emails. Please see here for Guides for post submissions.

Do note that the email is sent in plain text format and not HTML format to our email servers. If the submission is successful you will not get a response. However, if the email is in error you will receive a return email of the submission failure.

Once submitted that post will be treated in the same way by the Right Wire Report Editors in its normal manner and in accordance with our Terms of Service. If you are having difficulties feel free to Contact Us for support.

Email Submit

Get the Right Wire Report Widget:

Would you like to put a Widget of the latest “News Roundup” on your website? It provides your website a Widget with the latest stories and breaking news as seen on the Right Wire Report.

It works on just about any website by copying and pasting the code below in your Widget space. The following are requirements:

  • Javascript enabled with JQuery. The JQuery source link is needed only if your website doesn’t already have JQuery.
  • The JQuery rwrWidget source link.
  • A “<div id=’rwrWidget’>” HTML element that has some height and width attribute, with the call to the JQuery plugin. One can style this element to meet your website theme needs.
  • The options var is optional and the attributes shown below are defaulted to these values if not set. One can adjust them to meet your website theme needs.

The code:

<script src=""></script>
<div id="rwrWidget" style="width: 400px; height: 350px; margin: 0px auto;"></div>
<script src=""></script>
var options = {
   colorText: '#5a5a5a',
   paging: 6000,
   postNum: 22,
   colorBackground: 'transparent',
   titleLength: 100,
   fontSize: '16px',
   fontWeight: '400',
   hoverShadow: '#0000001c'

Depending on your website, ask the Right Wire Report to be “paid to install” our Widget on your website. Contact us if you should need assistance in webmaster integration.

Right Wire Report WordPress Plugin:

Click here to download the Right Wire Report WordPress plugin that allows Webmasters, Editors, and Authors to perform “one-click” syndicated submission to the Right Wire Report. In the download zip file please read the instructions in the README file for installation and usage.

It will require Webmaster skills to install this WordPress plugin. Contact us for your activation key and if you should need assistance in Webmaster integration.

Right Wire Report API interface:

The following is the Right Wire Report API interface to automate your post submissions to us. Your post will show up in “draft” to our Editors for publishing. It requires an HTTP stringified Json Post. Click here for some example code. Please see the following requirements:

The code:

HTTP Post URL to:
   rwrPermalink: rwrPermalink, // Permalink to your website URL link.
   rwrTags: rwrTags, // Optional, string array of your post tags.
   rwrTitle: rwrTitle, // Json sanatized title of your post.
   rwrImage: rwrImage, // Optional, post feature image URL link.
   rwrAPI: rwrAPI // Your Right Wire Report Activation Key

It will require developer skills to build your API interface. Contact us for your activation key and if you should need assistance in API integration.