Time for a New Political 3rd Party? – Listen to the Debate and Participate in Poll

After the 2020 Election results and the January 6th US Capitol incident aftermath, many who voted for President Trump are asking if it is time to walk away from the Republican Party and form a new Party with an American First platform.

When the near 75 million Trump supporters needed advocacy for election integrity and came under fire for their support of Trump, the GOP was mostly nowhere to be found to defend – often siding with their political opponents. In a recent poll, 60 percent of voters say a viable third party is needed, to have an effective political system.

Recently, Dozens of Anti-Trumpers, many former Republican officials, who view the party as unwilling to stand up to former President Donald Trump, are in talks to form a center-right breakaway party. So the Grand Old Party is fracturing from both directions. The choices are to stay the course, fracture off into a Never Trumper GOP-Lite, or venture to create a new party.

In light of these events, the Right Wire Report conducted a debate on whether now is the time to dump the GOP and begin to build a political 3rd party that will not only advocate for the platform their constituents vote for but also defend and represent their constituents in Congress. Prior to this debate, please consider the following actions:

  1. View our debate below.
  2. Answer this poll below.
  3. In the comment section, place your opinions, ideas, and questions to be used in this debate.

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  1. I hate what the dem do to our country. Republicans are weak and do not keep their word. They are like sheep and follow the dems. now. I want a party I can support. ITs that simple.

  2. A third party will split the vote and will put the Demshaviks in power again… Simple… if you don’t get then you’re not too bright. Perot took 19 percent of the vote and put Clinton in for second term.

    • Thank you for feedback. You share the same perspective as many do. Did you listen to the video of our debate? There are specific counterpoints offered to your concerns. As an example, Perot got 18% , or 19,741,065 votes following entering and running ,then dropping out , then getting back in the race at last minute. Clinton won the race with 43% Bush 37.5%. Exit polls, however, revealed that Perot voters in his absence would have voted for Bush or Clinton in equal numbers resulting in a defeat for Bush ultimately. Nader only captured 2.883,105 votes or 2.74% when he ran in a presidential race. No third party , above mentioned or otherwise had anything near the base of MAGA or Trump voters ( 75 million plus) and that is without the voting fraud corrected numbers. If only half of that base were to instantly form 3rd party it would be larger than the size of the Republican party declared affiliation for most of it’s existence. Trump has made it clear he will attempt to take over the establishment GOP from within. You may wish to read in detail how he plans to do this . https://rightwirereport.com/2021/03/01/six-takeaways-from-trumps-cpac-speech-that-change-everything/. However” Reagan failed, Gingrich Failed, and ultimately Trump failed to clean out GOP dysfunction and corruption in the past. The establishment GOP is the establishment DNC, they are a uni party. There is only the illusion of opposition parties in play. The GOP literally did not secure election integrity leading up to 2020 and they ran the local and state legislatures, Secretary of states, and most Governor in the swing states that are contested – and have done nothing to secure election integrity going forward. They have more than tacitly sat back and agreed with the left that their constituents that voted Trump are white supremacist conspiracy loons, which is a vile lie. Bottom line is they do not represent the platform they espouse and have not for decades and do not represent Conservatives or defend them. The GOP establishment joined with the Democrats to take out the Tea Party movement who made a serious run at reforming the GOP from within using the IRS and media. They have presently aligned with the Democrats to run a political coup against Trump as President and take him and his supporters out at the knees. I think it would serve you well to listen to the debate video -https://rightwirereport.com/snax_poll/is-now-the-time-for-a-new-political-3rd-party-participate-in-our-upcoming-debate/. I do not think it will change your mind but at least you will grasp the rationales and counterpoint of those who support 3rd party . As an aside , I do not think “you’re not too bright” for disagreeing with a third party rather I respect you share a difference of opinion. Thanks again for feedback.

  3. It is unfortunate that the capital building was ravaged. The capitol scene,voter fraud, and weak republicans sent the republican party into a tail spin. We need to regain our composure and send a strong message to the republican elite in DC that we will not accept their cowardly stances. In my opinion, it is too short of a time to get a new party started for the next congressional vote. We need to be concentrating on getting the DC elite recognizing that we will not accept another rigged election.

  4. I look at what Georgeea Washington said and did after his first term he said he would not run belonging to a political party he said political parties would wreck America he was right look at the mess that the USA is in and many other countries are in the same boat.

  5. This discussion was interesting, but it didn’t discuss any **specific difference** between the two ideas. For example, there is no discussion on how the New Party would be substantially different in the long term. What would protect this new party from becoming the Republican party over the long term? If there is no protection, and the new party goes the path of the Republican party, why should we create a new party? Are we looking for a temporary fix? Or are we looking for a long term change?

    • Great feedback thank you .
      I would point out a few things. 1. The Republican party does not stand for any of Trump( MAGA) Platform. One must separate what Trump did from what the GOP did not do when they had power before Trump. The GOP’s actions were pro – open borders to please Chamber of Commerce , pro – sanctuary cities, pro public school failures , pro nation state building in other countries, and pro ACA and on and on. Yes they run for office saying one thing but in practice do exactly the opposite. McCain was re elected last time barely by swearing he was repealing ACA and he then was the one that crushed that chance with a thumbs down vote. So when you ask what would be the difference it is we would have a party platform we held accountable to those who ran on it and it is the basic Trump platform. 2. The Behemoth of corrupted status presently in both parties makes it impossible to wield effective accountability on their actions. A new slate where at the jump the constituents stay engaged and hold elected officials accountable is possible. Like the teen you let run the roost so long there is no pulling back power versus one you were present and consistent with discipline from the jump. 3. This teases out more of my thinking – https://rightwirereport.com/2021/04/28/video-i-am-an-america-first-republican-did-you-catch-that-does-trump-have-an-ace-up-his-sleeve/

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