What is Happening?

There are radical elements ready to take our liberties.

The Republic is at Stake

Our government seems to have abandoned any Constitutional law and order.

It is Time to Act

We can no longer sit back. We must begin to organize to fight back.

Join Strike Force

We are building a team of concerned citizens now to take our liberties back.

You ask what can I do? There is a lot you can do. First, ensure that you with your friends and family prepare for what may be inevitable. This may include preparing your home, finances, establishing a support network, and getting right with whatever faith you may have. You will need a strong base to defend yourself and be able to join a larger group that can preserve your individual rights and our way of life.

You may already be involved in your local community or even on a larger stage. That’s good – keep up your good work. Many of you are already good keyboard warriors. That’s good – keep up your good work. Strike Force can be an additional tool for us to begin to reach out beyond our local communities to organize in a more effective way to fight back. Fighting back may include not just online but offline as well.

Strike Force can bridge the gap for those online and build teams offline to enable groups to act on behalf of Our Values. This has been done on mainstream social media already, but then get censored and is lost. We must build our own and not rely on others that would thwart our efforts. Hence, please sign up for our newsletter for future activities.

Join our Strike Force team and be part of the solution!

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Help Wanted:

The Right Wire Report is growing – and we need help. We need motivated take charge individuals to join us in our efforts. We can tailor assignments in accordance with the time you have – even if it is only a few minutes a week. Here are the current immediate needs.

  • Marketing Director
  • Social Media Channel managers
  • Newsletter manager
  • Calendar manager
  • E-Shop manager
  • Editors
  • Webmaster support

If you are interested in being part of the team – Contact Us.

We have other opportunities as well. Please consider registering as a Member of our website and post your ideas for others to see – and get paid to post – see here. We are always looking for even more active Members that want to be part of our core team – as an Investor. Please contact us for further information.

“The power of the many is greater than the power of the one.”