These Support frequently asked questions are helps for the Right Wire Report user. These helps are for technical issues. For specific helps for Posters pertaining to the “post for payment” program please refer to these Guides. As we get more questions on our website we will update these helps accordingly. So please do check back from time to time. Please review our Terms of Service.

Argh … nothing is more frustrating about a system is not being able to log in. Here are some helps:

  • In case you lost the link on the website header (hover over the user icon) … here also is the login link.
  • Rember that both your user id and password are case sensitive.
  • Remember you may use your login id or your email.
  • There is a link for this on the login link pop up to request a new password. It will send you a confirmation link to your email.

To reset your password, there is a link on the login pop up to request a new password. It will send you a confirmation link to your email.

Go to the login menu (hover over the user icon) … here also is the login link. Then go to the “Profile” section of your account to update your profile information – photos and your Member description.

Please ensure you fill out your description and upload both your icon image and background image to make your profile page nice. Do respect the image sizes for the best presentation. Do not put too much personal information for security reasons.

To reset your password or email navigate to the “Settings” section. It will require email opt-in validation.

Please check your spam folder for our emails. It is quite common that your email client application will automatically place emails in the spam folder until you have indicated that they are not spam in your email client application.

Please note that not all websites are compliant with industry standards. Often websites place firewalls, paywalls, and/or Captchas in front of their web link stories. In this case, posting these web Links will not be possible.

However, you may consider placing the Link in a short web story to get around this submission policy.

Embeds can be challenging, due to the various website technologies used across the web. In general, most media embeds will have a “share” icon that will provide the appropriate HTML code to place in an embed posting.

If this does not work, one could merely place the link in the embed post submission –  the system may be able to create the embed within our system.

Another solution would be to create your own embed HTML code using the following HTML embed code example:

   <iframe  src="" allowfullscreen></iframe>

One can always request support to see if we can help if none of these helps work..

Please report any errors in reporting and accounting immediately. Remember, that reports and information contained in the Right Wire Report systems are considered final after 30 days.

Yes, please report any errors you see on our website. This includes any typos, navigation issues, or broken links. We want to ensure the highest quality website as possible to our user base.

You may access your email account via our hosted roundcube webmail interface – click here (also on the footer of

You may also configure your email account address directly on your PC client software and/or smartphone/devices. Click here or here for Apple smartphone/tablet products. Click here or here for Android smartphone/tablet products. Click here for web Gmail integration. For all configurations, you will need your Webmaster provided email and password. The following are server information required to complete your configuration:

Server type Server name SSL Port
Incoming Yes (SSL/TLS, Authentication method is normal) 993
Outgoing Yes 465

Note: If you are looking for a free PC based client email program we recommend Mozilla’s Thunderbird, but others can work just as well.

Before you submit a request for support, please consider the following:

  • Read all the helps in this Support guide.
  • Try to close down your browser and clear your browser cache and try again.
  • Do you have computer virus protection that is working?
  • Try rebooting your computer to ensure it starts from a fresh state.

Then if all else fails, do not hesitate to ask for help. When requesting Support, please include the following in your request:

  • Your login and/or email id.
  • The weblink if applicable where you are experiencing an issue.
  • A detailed explanation of your issue.
  • For a better explanation of your issue please make a screenshot and send us a link to the screenshot. Here is a free website that does not require registration to do this.

We will get back to you shortly via email.

Please review our Terms of Service. If you have further questions, please feel free to Contact Us.